Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Nothing better to do

The waiter felt like he was in a dream.  He was rubbing his butt as he left, but he was suddenly stopped by Chen Ning.

“Wait a minute.  Shopkeeper, one thousand silver coins are too heavy for me to hold.  It’s better if you give me silver bills instead.”  Chen Ning giggled as she spoke.

“Alright, alright, no problem!  Whatever the young miss wants!”  The shopkeeper’s face went from arrogant to respectful.  He was now nodding and fawning over Chen Ning.

The waiter was stunned looking at this.

Was this person with the flattering face the same boss that he knew?

“These one thousand silvers are all in legitimate silver bills.  Everything is genuine and we discriminate against no one.  Miss, please look it over.”  The storekeeper gave a wide smile as he respectfully handed over the stack of bills in his hand over to Chen Ning.”

Chen Ning reached out to take it and passed it over to Xiao Ru.  She gave a generous smile and said, “There’s no need, I believe shopkeeper will not cheat me.  Now that the transaction is over, we want to leave, is that alright?”

She glanced over at the several vicious large men at the door.

“Of course it’s alright.  You blind pieces of waste, why are you not opening the door for me!  Stop blocking the two misses’ way!  Two young misses, please!”

The shopkeeper reacted immediately and began scolding the large men.  He personally escorted them over to the door and sent Chen Ning and Xiao Ru on their way.

The chins of everyone in the crowd fell down.

They would never have thought that it would end like this!

Interesting.  Truly interesting.

The black clothed man stood in his original position, he had no expressions on his face, but there was a trace of a smile shining in his deep black eyes that no one could see.  

Although no one could see that trace of a smile in his eyes, Xiao Si could still see it.

“Xiao Si, follow them.”  The man’s voice was completely flat, there was no emotions at all.

“Yes master.”

Xiao Si immediately understood that his master wanted him to find the residence and origins of these two young ladies.  He quickly ran out, just like a little rabbit running as fast as it could.

This was a good chance to make up for his previous failures!

If he lost track of them again, he would not have the face to come back to his master!

Chen Ning pulled on Xiao Ru’s hand and pulled her out the Tai He Floor’s main entrance, then they crossed two streets.  Xiao Ru felt like she was in a dream.

“Young miss, can you pinch me once?  I feel like I’m in a dream.  Yes, this must be a dream.”

Her arms were filled with silver bills and her arms hugged tightly around her chest.  There was a large idiotic smile on her face.

Chen Ning stopped moving and looked at her, she was annoyed and amused at the same time.

It was only a thousand silver coins worth of silver bills, she did not put it in her eyes at all.  Why was this little girl so happy that she seemed like an idiot?

This won’t do!  She had to fix this girl’s thin skin.

Chen Ning rolled her eyes and thought of a good idea to solve her situation.  As she was prepared to pull Xiao Ru away, from the corners of her eyes, she saw a shadow fleeting around behind her.

Although that human figure was moving very quickly, Chen Ning could still recognize it with a single glance.

It was the blue clothed young man that always followed behind the black clothed man!

Why would he appear here?

He must have been ordered by his master to follow me!

The deep black gaze appeared in Chen Ning’s mind.

It’s that black clothed man!

While they were still in the restaurant, although she couldn’t see him, she knew that he was watching her the whole time.  He was watching her with eyes filled with curiosity.

Chen Ning could not understand what she had done to pique this man’s interest.  Was it because she had called him “a silly man with lots of money”?

She had never met him before, but he had suddenly appeared to help her.  But, Chen Ning was not interested in accepting his goodwill at all.

She always believed that people nothing better to do were all bad people!

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