Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 662

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Chapter 662: This, impossible

It didn’t matter if she lost face for herself, but she had lost for the entire country!  She had lost a year’s worth of tribute for the West Chu Country! She had lost the healthy and stable life for the citizens!

Everyone couldn’t help complaining about the emperor in their heart, why had he made such an insane decision.

“Someone, prepare a stick of charcoal like that of the crown prince.”

Mo Chuan eyes swept out, already seeing the dissatisfaction on the faces of the ministers, but he very calmly gave his order to the eunuch beside him.

In this room, there was no one who understood Chen Ning better than him.  Only he knew that she didn’t know how to write with the ink pen and she couldn’t use the ink pen to write, only to draw images.

Very quickly, the charcoal sticks were placed in front of Chen Ning.

She was a bit stunned as her teeth bit her lower lip.  Picking up the charcoal stick, her heart twisted.

It’s him.  Only he would be able to think this carefully and understand her like this.

But she did not dare look at him the entire time.

Although she knew that his gaze never left her, she did not give him any reactions because she had made her promise to Chu Shao Yang…..

She closed her eyes and put aside all the troubles in her mind.  She shouldn’t think about it now, she couldn’t, she just had to win this competition.  She couldn’t lose!

Ye Ting Xuan kept staring at her intently.  He was filled with confidence towards her, but seeing her close her eyes again, her face turn pale, and her body trembling, she was like a white tea flower in the wind and worry couldn’t help rising in his heart again.

What happened to her?  Did she understand his hint earlier?

Chen Ning finally opened her eyes and grabbed the charcoal stick as she began to write stroke for stroke on the paper.

Ye Ting Xuan noticed that in her eyes, there was a flash as clear as water.

She wrote very fast and did not seem like she was about to stop like a flowing stream.  She first wrote in ancient West Chu language because these images were the most complicated.  She relied on the image left in her mind to write down these images without a single stroke missing.

When the West Chu people in the stands saw her writing ancient West Chu language down below, their mouths all dropped open in shock and their eyes popped wide open.  There were many people that narrowed their eyes, suspecting that it was an illusion.

How was this possible?  This is impossible!

They could all recognize the ancient West Chu writing.  Chen Ning was currently writing it down without making a single mistake, but she was only a young girl that wasn’t even twenty yet!

“Empress Dowager, this servant does not understand the ancient language.  Can you see if the princess’ words are all right?”

Su Jin supported Empress Dowager Zhou to the side of the stands.  She reached out her neck, but she found that she could not understand a single word.  She was filled with anxiety and couldn’t help whispering to Empress Dowager Zhou.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face was as deep as water, but her eyes had a faint light flashing in it.  Her hand holding Su Jin’s hand slightly trembled as she gave a slow nod.

“Thank the heavens and earth, please bless the Princess Consort with victory.”

Su Jin couldn’t help closing her eyes as she prayed in a low voice.

Empress Dowager Zhou did not say a word as her eyes looked over at Mo Chuan.  Without any surprise, she saw a strange glow on her son’s face.

Mo Chuan’s eyes were sparkling with the glow of joy and excitement.  His eyes were already completely stuck on Chen Ning’s face.

Although he knew she was this kind of person and he did not know that she had this kind of memorization skill, he understood her.  As long as she wanted to do something, she would surely do it.

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