Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: Truly proud of her

Mo Chuan’s heart surged forth as he wished he could go down and hug her.

His mind and body was filled with pride for her!

There was no one on the field that was watching Na Mu Cuo, almost everyone was staring at Chen Ning’s face, watching her pen flow like a dragon and her wrist neatly flicking, moving with such fluid motion.  Her fingers were like jade and it contrasted the black charcoal stick. The contrast of black and white made her skin look like snow which shined bright.

Just looking at her was like looking at a pleasant picture.

Even the East Qin stand’s people couldn’t help looking at her, falling into a daze.

Na Mu Cuo had started writing before her and he had no distractions when writing.  When he finished his last stroke, he let out a sigh as he relaxed his tense mind.

His mind had been completely focused earlier out of fear that he might make a tiny error, so he did not know what was happening beside him.

When he relaxed his mind, his lips revealed a proud smile because he was very certain that he would win!

Because he had not made a certain mistake.  Even if she writes it perfectly, in terms of time, he would win.

He was smiling as he put down the charcoal in his hand.  The servant on the side had brought a bucket of water for him to wash his hands in.  He washed his hands while turning his head to look at her. It was like a hunter watching its prey, he was determined to win.

Her eyes were focused and her pen was flying.  She ignored everything that was around her.

Na Mu Cuo watched her for a while before his eyes slowly fell onto the white paper in front of her.  Seeing it, his brows couldn’t help jumping up.

She was currently writing his East Qin Country’s language.  Although the words were not beautiful, they were very neat. With a rough glance from him, he could tell that not a single word was wrong!

Could it be she also understood their East Qin language?

Na Mu Cuo looked again and understood that she was the same as him with a good memorization ability.  She had completely learned the technique he had taught her and she was very proficient in it.

He was filled with shock.

He knew that she was intelligent, but he never expected that her ability would not lose to his at all!

For a long time, Na Mu Cuo’s eyes filled with light like he had discovered a precious treasure.  His lips parted, revealing his snow white teeth as a large smile appeared on his face.

This trip to West Chu, he felt it was truly worthwhile!

He could have nothing, as long as he had her!

Chen Ning finally wrote the last word and she put down the stick of charcoal in her hand.  She looked at Na Mu Cuo and found that he had finished long before her. This was expected by her and she just nodded at Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo still gave her that bright smile.

“Ah Ning, do you still remember our promise?”  His smile was filled with pride and arrogance.

“Of course.”  She said.

“Very good.  If you lose, you will become this prince’s person.  When this competition is over, you will leave with this prince!  Ah Ning, do you feel regret?” He stared at her face as he spoke.

“Of course not.”

She first washed off the charcoal powder on her hand before fixing a strand of loose hair on her temple and revealing a faint smile.

The words between the two of them were clearly heard by the West Chu people in the stands, instantly causing an uproar amongst them.

Everyone revealed looks of utter disbelief as they all looked towards Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang’s face was livid as he clenched his fists.  His eyes were filled with flames of rage as he glared with killing intent at Na Mu Cuo.

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