Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 655

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Chapter 655: Cannot lose

What was going on?

She knit her brows and raised her hand to press down on her chest, feeling her heart beating very fast.

This was already not her first time feeling like this.  Whenever Chu Shao Yang would flirt with her, her heart would become very fast and she would even faint.

“Ning’er, once the competition is over, I’ll take you away.  I will hug you like now and even kiss you.”

She tightly knit her brows and said nothing.

“We’ver never even slept together since our wedding.  Tonight, we’ll perform our wedding night and I’ll make you truly my woman!”

She still said nothing, working hard to pretend all his words were thin air.

“I hope you can give birth to a child as soon as possible.  Whether it is a boy or girl, I will love it very, very much.  This king hopes the child will be as beautiful as you!”

The date red horse galloped forward and wind passed through their ears, but Chu Shao Yang’s voice never stopped from beginning to end.

His eyes lit up.  Looking around, the scenery became even more beautiful.

“Ning’er, what do you think?  Would you like a boy or a girl?”  He suddenly looked down at her in his embrace.

“I like….you shutting up!”

She finally couldn’t take it and spoke in a cold voice.

He was stunned before letting out a loud laugh.  Putting on such a large display, the people around all looked at them.

Chu Shao Yang did not say anything else, but his eyes were filled with smiles.  It was like a young man falling in love, his chest was filled with joy and happiness.

While Chu Shao Yang was indulging in this mood, the nervousness on the eastern field was already close to exploding.

On one side of the track, Chu Shao Bai and Na Mu Cuo were currently standing there.

Na Mu Cuo’s lips were curled into a taunting smile.

“King Jing An, half a cup of tea’s time has already passed.  Is your heart…..calm now?”

Chu Shao Bai forcefully pressed down on his heart and did not know why his heart became even more unsettled.  It kept beating fast as if something bad was about to happen soon.

But the situation was already at this point, it had to go on.

He gritted his teeth and coldly said, “Alright, we can begin.”

“Alright, since it’s like this, this servant will count to three and then the crown prince and King Jing An can take off your blindfolds at the same time, beginning the competition.”

After this eunuch finished speaking, the translator immediately translated his words.

Na Mu Cuo nodded.

The eunuch raised the red flag in his hand and signalled to the people in the stands that the competition was about to begin.

The people in both stands stood up and rushed to the edges of the stands.  Several hundred pairs of eyes looked down at the white and black figures down on the track.

Especially the West Chu ministers.  Everyone’s heart beated fast in nervousness and they couldn’t even breath.  Their palms were covered in cold sweat for Chu Shao Bai.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand holding Su Jin’s hand couldn’t help slightly trembling.

Mo Chuan’s deep eyes couldn’t help looking over at the field’s main gates.  He felt his heart tremble, as if he heard the fast gallop of a horse’s hooves.

Would it be her?  Did she rush over?

Impossible!  It must be a mistake.

His eyes fell down on Chu Shao Bai wearing his fluttering white robes a hundred meters away.

Shao Bai, you must win!  West Chu….cannot lose!

“One!”  The eunuch slowly began counting.

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