Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: Recommending a person

Chu Shao Bai and Na Mu Cuo’s right hands grabbed their blindfolds at the same time, waiting for the eunuch to count to three.

“Two!”  The eunuch raised the red flag in his hands high up.

The field was already filled with tension.

“Wait a minute!”

Before the eunuch could even say “three”, a clear voice suddenly came from the direction of the field’s gate.

Following that voice, a date red horse charged onto the field.  Its hooves seemed like they were touching the ground as it flew across the long track.

There were two people sitting on its back, one man and one woman.  The man had a fluttering purple robe, with a handsome appearance and an uncommon aura, but everyone’s eyes was focused on the face of the young girl sitting in his embrace.

The midday sun was above their heads, shining beams down on the girl’s hair and clothes, as well as her slightly raised face.

She had hair like clouds and a face like a picture.  Her bright and dark eyes had traces of light flashing in them.

Seeing her, Mo Chuan felt a burst of hot blood fill his chest and he couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

But when his eyes fell onto the face of the man behind her, the smile on his face instantly froze.

His hand forcefully turned into a fist.

It was Chu Shao Yang!

“It’s King Ding Yuan!”

“Also his princess!”

“Yi, why are they here?”

The ministers began to whisper among each other.

Their faces looking at Chu Shao Yang were filled with traces of disdain.

As the previous emperor’s son, he came late to the big competition between East Qin and West Chu and had even brought his princess along with him.  He wouldn’t be unwilling to leave this girl, right?

Which minister and prince was like him, even bringing their wife along with them?

This was truly losing face for West Chu!

Chu Shao Yang held Chen Ning as they rushed over in front of the West Chu stands.  When they were beneath the stands, they suddenly stopped. The date red horse’s hooves were like iron as they did not move an inch.

This skill was the same as what Na Mu Cuo showed off earlier.

The ministers couldn’t help calling praises for him.  Even those watching from the East Qin stands also praised him.

“Emperor, has the competition begun yet?  This lowly minister wants to recommend a person to the emperor to take Shao Bai’s spot in the competition.  This person is more skilled than Shao Bai and as long as she takes the stage, our West Chu will surely win!”

Chu Shao Yang looked up from the horse and looked into Mo Chuan’s eyes on the stand.

His voice was very clear and strong.  Each word was filled with power and the West Chu ministers’ blood boiled hearing them.

“Ah?  There is someone even more powerful than King Jing An?”

“I don’t believe it.  It’s impossible!”

“Since King Ding Yuan dared to say this, he must be filled with confidence.  Let’s just wait and see.”

“That’s right.  We just don’t know who King Ding Yuan will recommend, it can’t be the petite princess in his arms, right?”

Among the people in the stands, only Mo Chuan knew who Chu Shao Yang wanted to recommend.  Who else was there but her!

Only he didn’t know why she appeared with Chu Shao Yang.  Why did she keep looking down? Why did she not spare him even a single glance?

“King Ding Yuan, who do you want to recommend?”

Even if he knew in his heart, Mo Chuan still had to act in front of the ministers.  His eyes fell onto Chen Ning without looking away at all.

“It is this lowly minister’s princess.  As long as she competes, this lowly minister believes she will certainly win!”

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