Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 653

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Chapter 653: Fragments melting in the flames

“Since your words are so beautiful, do you dare swear that if I let you participate in the competition and you win, you will not leave this king?  You won’t mention separation to the emperor? You will forever be by this king’s side?” He said word for word to her.

Chen Ning closed her eyes and her face turned snow white again.

She knew that as long as she made this promise, she would never escape the shackles of this man in front of her.  The happiness of her and Mo Chuan would become smoke.

She had just tasted the sweetness of love and now she was about to taste the bitter wine of separation.

But, every word she said had been from the bottom of her heart.

She did not lie to him!

Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened her eyes.  There was a bright tear on her long lashes and her misted over black eyes were clear and bright as she looked at him without blinking.

He was shocked by her eyes and held his breath.

“Give me the imperial decree.”  She pointed at the yellow scroll he had thrown to the ground.

He did not say a word as he picked up the yellow scroll and handed it to her.


He took a lighter from his chest and gave it to her, while continuing to stare at her.

She shook the lighter before putting it to the imperial decree and lighting it, burning it without any hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, the yellow scroll turned into fragments.  With a breeze, it turned into ashes.

“Now, you should believe me, right?”

She did not look at him.  Her eyes were on the flying fragments as tears fell from her eyes.

This was the imperial decree Chu Shao Bai had personally obtained for her and was the key to her freedom.  However, she had personally burned it and everything had returned to the beginning.

Perhaps this was her destiny.

She would be tightly tied to Chu Shao Yang for her entire life.

She worked hard, struggled, and fought, but she couldn’t escape this fate in the end.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her and his eyes were filled with an unbelievable wild joy.

“Ning’er, I believe you!  I believe you!” He reached his hands out and tightly hugged her.

In that instant, he had a sense of regaining his happiness.  He stroked her dark and smooth long hair, and her slender, round shoulders.  His palm slid down her back and onto her soft waist, softly pinching it. If he used even a bit of strength, it seemed like it would break.

She is mine!  Every single inch of her body belongs to me!

In his chest, he was screaming for joy.  He was only thinking it for himself, but he never thought that his voice actually came out.

But then he heard a cold voice sound in his ears.

“Chu Shao Yang, what are you doing.  There is still time later, can you let me go now?  If I lose this competition, I will be a great criminal in the West Chu Country.  I think you’re not willing to see this kind of result either, right?”

His body trembled as her words instantly woke him up from the wild joy in his head.

“Alright, I’ll immediately send you there.  Immediately!”

His arms holding her let go and his handsome face filled with joy.  He allowed her stand up from the bed and carefully fixed her creased clothes for her.  He then raised her chin and looked into her misted over eyes.

“Let me kiss you, then we can leave.”

He lowered his head and moved towards her head.

He had thought of her for a long, long time, and had been waiting for it for a long, long time.  He was about to die from thirst and wanted a taste of her sweetness to quench his dried heart.

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