Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 652

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Chapter 652: Taking her for himself

His fingers grabbed her collar and his completely red eyes stared at her lips.

He wanted to tear her clothes, forcefully kiss her lips, touch every inch of her body, explode into her body, hearing her tender cry under him…..

He wanted it!  He was filled with this desire!

“Chu Shao Yang!”

She suddenly opened her eyes.  Her dark eyes was like a lake under the starry night, very silent, instantly extinguishing the fire inside his chest.


His throat slightly moved a bit as his burning eyes suddenly became gentle.

She would be his eventually, he was not anxious.  He had already waited for her for this long, what was a few more days?

If he really did that, he would only be able to obtain her body and would never be able to obtain her heart.

“Do you know what today is?”  She asked.

“I do.”

Of course he knew.  It was because he knew that everyone was at the eastern field that he would choose to visit her at this time.  No one to obstruct him and no one to pay attention to him.

He had come to visit her day after day, but he was always chased off by the Eldest Princess.

“Then do you know that today’s competition is very important?”  She asked.

He thought about it, “I do.”

“Then do you know the person competing with the East Qin envoy is me?”  She continued asking.

He stared at her.

He did not know originally, but after seeing the imperial decree, he now knew.

“Do you know that if I don’t arrive in the eastern field by noon, I will lose the competition?  Do you know what will happen if I lose this competition?”

Of course he knew!

“But it’s not like only you can compete in this competition.  Shao Bai has an unforgettable memory, he has a greater chance of winning compared to you!  Ning’er, you are just a girl and this king’s princess, you don’t need to worry about the rise and fall of the nation.  You just need to be assured and stay by this king’s side, even if the sky falls, this king will lift it up for you.”

He held her hand and used a lot of strength.

“The rise and fall of the nation is everyone’s responsibility!  Chu Shao Yang, you are King Ding Yuan, do you not care about the country’s destiny and the safety of the citizens at all?”  She stared at him as she said this word for word.

He just gave a cold laugh as his handsome face became ice cold.

“This king only care about you.  Ning’er, stop using these high sounding reasons on me.  This king knows what plan you and him have, you are anxious to rush to the competition because you want to use this chance to throw this king away!  You can’t like to this king!

Chen Ning nodded and she sat up, staring right at him.

“That’s right, I did think like this before.  I want to leave, very much so! So I wanted to win this competition.  However, now I realize now that if I lose, not only will I lose my freedom, I will also lose the happy and peaceful lives of the West Chu people!  So I will win, I must win! Chu Shao Yang, I am doing this now not to get rid of you, but rather for the West Chu citizens!”

He stared at her without turning even an inch.

Her face had been pale as paper, but it had turned rosy from excitement.  There was a look in her eyes that he had never seen before.

This was a beauty that he had never seen before.  For a while, he was stunned looking at her.

Should he believe her?  Should he believe what she said?

Chu Shao Yang felt that he had a deep understanding of her, but he found that he understood her less and less.

But the less he could understand her, the more he wanted her for himself!

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