Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 650

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Chapter 650: Man eating beast

“What happens to me does not matter to you.”  She coldly said.

“You are my princess, so harming you is equivalent to harming me.  Tell me, who was it? I want to cut off their head!” Chu Shao Yang’s beautiful face suddenly clouded over and his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Chu Shao Yang, I said it’s not related to you!  Let me go!” Her eyes were filled with alarm as she looked at him.

“Ning’er, why are you afraid of me?  I won’t hurt you, you are my most beloved woman.  I even feel pain from you losing a single hair, how could I hurt you?  Why can’t you be like before, gently smiling at me?”

Chu Shao Yang’s face revealed a slight pain.  His heart always ached for her, but she could not see his heart.

Seeing her avoiding eyes that flashed with disgust, he would rather have her like before.  Although she still hated him, he would still occasionally smile at him.

But now?  He had not seen her smile once.

When she turned around with a smile, it was like sunshine piercing through the clouds, suddenly lighting up his dark heart.

Although it wasn’t for him, he was still filled with joy.

“Chu Shao Yang, what did you come here for?”

Chen Ning bit her lips.  She knew that she could not depend on anyone in this moment., the only one she could depend on was herself.

It was about time for the competition between West Chu and East Qin.  At this time, Mo Chuan, Chu Shao Bai, and even the Eldest Princess should be at the eastern field.  No one would have imagined that Chu Shao Yang would appear here at this moment, so no one would come save her.

So she quickly made her decision and told herself to calm down.  If she was to face this man eating beast, she could not anger him and provoke his beast like nature.

“I want to bring you to see someone.”  Chu Shao Yang saw that she finally stopped resisting and his heart filled with joy.

“Who is it?”

“You’ll know when you see them.  It is a very important person. You don’t know how much effort I’ve spent in finding this person.”

“No, Chu Shao Yang, I have something important to do right now.  Wait until I finish it and I’ll go see that person with you, alright?  Let me leave this place first.”

Chen Ning’s calm eyes stared at him as her heart filled with anxiety.  If she was delayed any longer, it would be noon and she would be too late.

“There is nothing more important than seeing this person.  Ning’er, you’re injured, I’ll carry you.” His arms came forward and lifted her up.

“I’m not going!  Chu Shao Yang, let me down.”  She struggled as she tried to leave his embrace.

Hearing a “bu” sound, a thing fell from her chest to the floor.

“What is this?  An imperial decree?”

Chu Shao Yang felt this was strange.  He hooked it up with his feet and the yellow scroll fell into his hands.

With a shake of his hand, it was opened.  Seeing the content written within, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Then he understood everything.

His chin suddenly tightened and the vein popped out on his forehead while bulging.

“Tell me, what does this mean?”  He raised the imperial decree as he stared at her without blinking.  His eyes were filled with flames of rage.

Chen Ning turned her head, not looking at him and not saying anything.

But her heart had sunk.

He knew!  With how smart he was, once he saw the contents of the imperial decree, he could guess what she wanted to do.

What should she do?

He would surely stop her, he would not let her go!

Because his love for her was too strong, too strong!

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