Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 649

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Chapter 649: He came

That eunuch nodded and jumped onto a horse, rushing to the stands to report to Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou.

Mo Chuan and the people in the side had been watching Chu Shao Bai the entire time.  Although they couldn’t see it clearly because of the distance, they did see Chu Shao Bai and the East Qin Crown Prince saw a few words between them.  Chu Shao Bai’s expression fell and his body began to tremble right after.

Did something happen?

What did the East Qin Crown Prince and Chu Shao Bai speak of?

Everyone’s hearts felt alarmed.

Mo Chuan was not assured, even sending an eunuch over.  When they heard the eunuch’s report, everyone’s heart felt much heavier.

The competition was about to begin and King Jing An’s heart could not calm down.  There was no need to compete, they were sure to lose.

Mo Chuan knit his brows, as he tried to guess what was the cause of this.

In this world, there was only a single matter that could unsettle Chu Shao Bai’s heart, or rather one person.

Ning’er, ah Ning’er.  Are you alright at this moment?

He looked at the gate to the field and his mind sped away.

“Xiao Ru, let’s go.”

Chen Ning came back from in front of the bronze mirror and gave Xiao Ru a smile.

Suddenly, the smile on her face froze.  Her eyes popped wide open as she looked at the person that had just appeared in the room.

That man had one hand on Xiao Ru’s neck.  Xiao Ru’s little face turned purple and she could not say a word.

He stood tall and straight, wearing a magnificent purple robe with a jade belt.  His face was as handsome as jade and his figure was straight. His eyes were dark and deep with a faint glow to it, looking at her without blinking.  His eyes were filled with passionate thoughts and tenderness.

It was Chu Shao Yang!

Even in her dreams, she never would have thought that she would see Chu Shao Yang in this moment!

“Ning’er, you’re truly beautiful!”  His sparkling black eyes warmly looked at her as he revealed a faint smile.

His expression and voice was very gentle, and his entire person was like a spring breeze blowing into the room, but Chen Ning felt a chill come over her.

When seeing him, she could not help thinking of the scene in the carriage.

He was like a wild beast pressing her down against the wall, ripping her clothes.  His thin fingers slowly slid up her belly, touching her…..

“Zhui Feng!”  She immediately shivered as she shouted out.

But no one replied.  Even Zhui Feng’s figure did not appear.

“You’re looking for Zhui Feng?  No need for that, he is lying on the roof like a salted fish right now.”

Chu Shao Yang kept smiling.  He pressed down on Xiao Ru’s acupuncture point before throwing her to the ground.

“Xiao Ru!”

Chen Ning wanted to help her up, but Chu Shao Yang had grabbed her hand.

“Ning’er, after not seeing you for a few days, you’re still as beautiful as before.  No, you’re even more beautiful!” Chu Shao Yang crazily stared at her, not willing to look away from her face for a second.

The rosy colour on her cheeks were like beautiful march peaches.  He had dreamed about her every night, thinking about her for an entire eight years.

“Chu Shao Yang, how did you come in!  This is the Eldest Princess palace and not your King Ding Yuan palace, let me go!”

She used eyes filled with hate to glare at him.  She forcefully pulled her hand back, but the pain made her suck in a cold breath.

“What happened to your hand?  Are you hurt? Who hurt you? Tell me!”

Chu Shao Yang did not reply as he suddenly noticed the thick gauze covering her wrist.  Looking at the other wrist, he found it was the same.

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