Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: Want to win, in your dreams

Xiao Si blinked as he suddenly understood something.  In a speechless voice, he said, “It can’t be, right?”

“You talk too much!  Quickly go!” Mo Chuan glared at him.

“Yes, yes, this servant will go immediately.”

Xiao Si immediately ran down the stands and flew off after jumping onto a horse.

At this time, there was a high stone stele placed beneath the stands.  Ye Ting Xuan was standing in front of it, quickly writing words.

Na Mu Cuo and Chu Shao Bai were both blindfolded, standing a hundred meters away on the runway.

A hundred meters away, not to mention being blindfolded, even if they weren’t, they would not be able to clearly see what was written on the stone stele.

Ye Ting Xuan was writing an ancient West Chu poem which had a total of one hundred and twenty six characters.  Because it was an ancient poem, it was filled with an deep meaning.

He even used the ancient method of writing, that was very winding and had an ancient air to it.  The people that were not very well learned could not even understand what was written, not to mention its meaning.

The reason why Ye Ting Xuan had put a lot of thought into why he chose this poem and writing style.

He knew that the East Qin Crown Prince understood the West Chu language, but he expected the other side not to know the letters of the ancient Zhuang and ancient Le Fu era.  Chu Shao Bai on the other hand was a genius of learning and martial arts. He could read by the time he was three and could recite Le Fu era poetry by the age of nine. This literate skill would give him the upper hand.

As for the East Qin language, there were also many methods of writing it.  Ye Ting Xuan chose the simplest method of writing which was similar to the West Chu words.  Each stroke was clear and powerful. He believe that even if Chu Shao Bai did not memorize it all, he could memorize at least five-six out of every ten.  This would increase his chance of winning by a bit.

He slowed down the pace of his writing.  In his heart, he still hoped that Chen Ning would awaken in time and rush over to participate in the competition.

Somehow he had formed a deep impression of that young girl he had only met and spoke to a few times.

Especially after seeing that pair of clever eyes.  He believed that she would surely have the ability to win.

But when he finished his last stroke and raised his head to look at the gate, he still did not see a trace of Chen Ning.

He put down the brush in his hand and could not help letting out a long sigh.

He had done all he could do.  Now the fate of West Chu lied in Chu Shao Bai’s hands!

At this time, not only was he thinking of Chen Ning, even Chu Shao Bai on the horse’s back in the distance was completely focused on Chen Ning.

Only he had different thoughts from Ye Ting Xuan.  He wanted to personally head out to battle in her place and win this competition, then personally bring the good news to her.

There was a white cloth over his eyes and he could see nothing, but it was like her smiling face was currently in front of him.  With her clear, bright eyes, she had a smile as she said to him: Xiao Bai, I believe you can win! You must win! Help me teach that big bastard Crown Prince a fierce lesson!

“Ning’er, be assured, I will surely win and take revenge for you!  I will make him convinced of his loss!” He tightened his fist and said in a determined voice.


A cold laugh came from beside him followed by Na Mu Cuo’s low and deep voice.

“You want to win against this prince?  In your dreams!”

Na Mu Cuo sat on his horse and let out a proud laugh.

His words were spoken in fluent West Chu language.

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