Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 646

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Chapter 646: It would be great if she was here

Mo Chuan’s eyes swept across the crowd of ministers and they fell onto one person.

“Princess husband Ye.”  He slowly said.

“This citizen is here.”  Ye Ting Xuan immediately stood up and walked in front of the emperor, giving him a bow.

He was not an official, but people knew that he was the future princess husband.  He had obtained the approval of the emperor and the Eldest Princess, so even if he was a citizen, he could also participate in politics.

“This one knows that you are very well learned and have dabbled with the East Qin language.  Your calligraphy could be considered the best in the capital, so this stele will be written by you.  As for the contents, you can decide what is best.”

“This…..This minister will comply.”

Ye Ting Xuan never thought that Mo Chuan would place such a heavy burden on his shoulders.  His breathing instantly became uneven, but he could not reject him.

The Eldest Princess’ eyes instantly lit up.  She walked to Ye Ting Xuan’s side from the front of the stage and heavily patted his shoulder.

“Ting Xuan, write it well.  You have to be sure to let Shao Bai win!”

Ye Ting Xuan looked at the Eldest Princess and felt helpless as he revealed a faint bitter smile.

He did want to let Chu Shao Bai win, but did his thoughts have any use?

“An Le, don’t make it difficult for husband Ye.  If we win, we have to win openly and if we lose, we lose cleanly.  We can’t do anything underhanded and let the East Qin think our West Chu is a joke!”  Mo Chuan’s face sunk as he reprimanded the Eldest Princess.

The Eldest Princess knew that she was being whimsical.  She revealed a sad expression and sighed as she muttered, “If Ning’er wasn’t injured, that would be great.  Shao Bai respects her that much, she must surely exceed everyone’s expectations. I believe that if Ning’er was here, we would surely win.”

Mo Chuan’s heart filled with pain.  His eyes could not help look into the distance, in the direction of the Eldest Princess palace.

That’s right, how could he not have this hope as well.  If she was here……

But she was injured and lost a large amount of blood, making her body weak.  Seeing her pale face devoid of blood and unconscious state, the pain in his heart was hard to resist.  He wished he could be hurt instead of her and bleed for her.

In this situation, how could he allow her to participate in the competition?

So he ordered the doctor to add some sleeping medicine to her prescription, letting her sleep for a few more hours.

When she woke up, the competition would already be over.

“Humph!  That bastard Shao Yang, he really is something.  Shao Bai is here contributing to the country, but where is he?  He actually didn’t show to this kind of large event. When this princess sees him, I’ll give him a fierce beating!”

The Eldest Princess’ anger was hard to calm and she couldn’t help venting it onto Chu Shao Yang.

Mo Chuan finally noticed that Chu Shao Yang really wasn’t amongst the crowd.  He always had something on his mind and never noticed it until the Eldest Princess mentioned it.

“Xiao Si, where’s King Ding Yuan?”  He turned around.

Xiao Si replied, “This servant does not know.  King Ding Yuan has not shown himself today. Perhaps he was delayed by something and couldn’t arrive on time?”

Delayed by something?  Was there anything more important than the competition between East Qin and West Chu?

Mo Chuan’s brows knit and a bad feeling suddenly appeared in his heart.

Chu Shao Yang, he…..wouldn’t be looking for her, right?

His breath suddenly stopped.

“Xiao Si, immediately head to the Eldest Princess palace.  Go….and look for her.” He forced his voice down to give this order to Xiao Si, not letting Empress Dowager Zhou hear him.

Although he had prepared Zhui Feng to guard Chen Ning, Chu Shao Yang was King Ding Yuan.  He had a prestigious status, perhaps Zhui Feng would not dare offend him.

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