Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: Bad eyesight

Na Mu Cuo knew that this matter was indeed disrespectful, but to make him bow to the West Chu people he didn’t even place in his eyes?  That was never going to happen!

Chu Shao Bai naturally knew that it was impossible for the East Qin Crown Prince to kneel down to Mo Chuan.  However, if even a small translator by the Crown Prince’s side were to avoid kneeling and this matter was known to others, the West Chu country would become a laughingstock.

His cold eyes stared right at the translator and said, “Sir translator, since you know the customs of the two countries, you know that you must kneel to show honour in our West Chu country and you need to take off your hat to show honour in your country.  If my country sent an envoy to your country and refused to take off his hat for your country’s emperor, what do you think your emperor will do? Do you think he would give the order to chop off our envoy’s head?”

That translator shook as he once again looked at Na Mu Cuo.  His back was already covered in cold sweat.

According to customs, he was indeed supposed to kneel when facing the West Chu emperor, but he had obtained orders from his highness before hand to slap their faces in front of all the West Chu ministers.  They thought that they would not resist.

But he never thought King Jing An would appear.  This youth was young and beautiful, but his lips were as sharp as spear and his tongue were like arrows.  All his words perfectly stabbed into his sore spot.

Na Mu Cuo took a deep glance at Chu Shao Bai, looking him over again.

He gave a slow nod to the translator.

Obtaining the orders of the Crown Prince, the translator instantly let out a sigh of relief.  His knees bent as he bowed down to Mo Chuan. He followed the customs of the West Chu country, bowing three times and kowtowing nine times.

“The East Qin envoys greet your majesty, the emperor.  We wish your emperor to have a long and peaceful life!”

“You envoys are guests from afar, you may rise.”  Mo Chuan said in a soft voice.

The translator finally stood up and moved two steps back.  He properly stood behind Na Mu Cuo and his arrogant appearance had already disappeared.

The West Chu ministers felt like their faces were glowing as their hearts could not help raising their thumbs to Chu Shao Bai.  King Jing An’s every words had been reasonable and these few words had made that translator who put no one in his eyes bow to the emperor.  This was truly well done!

Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help snorting.  He did not care about this little fight at all.  The person he wanted to see hadn’t appeared yet, so he was feeling a bit anxious.

“Jinaluomiba…..”  He spoke to the translator in East Qin language again.

That translator nodded back and turned, translating Na Mu Cuo’s words for everyone.

“My family’s highness said that it’s already getting late and our promised competition should begin soon.  My country is sending our highness out, I wonder who will your country be sending out?”

“I don’t know if it is your ears or your eyes that are bad, but didn’t this king just say it?  This king wants to challenge your country’s Crown Prince and wants to see who’s better.”

Chu Shao Bai curled his lips as he spoke in a taunting voice.

How could the translator not understand his twisted method of insulting his master.  His face turned slightly red as he translated these words for Na Mu Cuo.

Actually it wasn’t necessary for him to translate because Na Mu Cuo had already clearly heard it.

He did not understand what had happened.  Why did they suddenly change people for the competition between him and her?

But, the result was the same.  No matter who it was, they would lose without a doubt.

The things he wanted he had never failed to obtain before!

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