Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 643

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Chapter 643: When in Rome

When the West Chu ministers saw this, they all praised Chu Shao Bai, feeling very happy deep down.

Empress Dowager Zhou had been depressed the entire time, but she couldn’t help revealing a faint smile at this time.  Her eyes staring at Chu Shao Bai were filled with an implied look of commendation.

“This king has heard that East Qin is a grand country that respects etiquette, but it seems this is not true.  I never thought that although your highness is a talented person, the people by your side would have no etiquette at all.  Seeing my country’s emperor and not bowing down, being so rude, you really have lost face for the East Qin royal family!”

Chu Shao Bai coldly said.

At this time, the translator’s face went from red to white.

He indeed had relied on the prestige of the crown prince to not bow to the West Chu emperor, but with Chu Shao Bai speaking out like this, he could not avoid the guilt.  He secretly looked over at Na Mu Cuo, not knowing what to do.

“As an envoy, everything you do represents your country’s honour and style.  If even this translator does not bow to my country’s emperor, does that mean he does not bow when seeing his own country’s ruler?”

Chu Shao Bai’s words were sharp and aggressive.  That translator being questioned could only open his mouth and he couldn’t say a word.

“Lakuladeli!”  Na Mu Cuo suddenly spoke up, saying a few words in East Qin language while staring at the translator with a sharp gaze.

That translator could not raise his head from the accusations, but after hearing Na Mu Cuo’s words, he suddenly stuck out his chest and turned back into a proud cock.

He raised his chin and said, “Different countries have different customs, so they will also have different etiquette.  For example, in our country, people with the most noble status only need to bend at the waist, that can be considered the greatest respect one gives.  Your country wants one to bow to the emperor, but my East Qin men treat their knees like gold and will never bow down to others. Even when faced with your emperor, that is not allowed!  I have already paid my respects to your emperor according to our East Qin customs. As for bowing my head, don’t make unreasonable requests!”

When the ministers heard his words which were purely irrational, they were even more filled with anger.

They could all see that the translator had suddenly toughened up because of what the East Qin Crown Prince said.  What did that mean? The East Qin Crown Prince could understand the West Chu language.

But even if he clearly could understand it, he pretended like he didn’t know, letting his words be passed down by the translator.  What kind of situation was this?

Everyone was completely puzzled.

Chu Shao Bai said with a cold smile, “That’s right, our two countries’ customs are different, but have you ever heard of the words, when in Rome?  Since you are in our West Chu country, you need to follow our West Chu customs, that is the proper rule of the world. The way to show respect in my West Chu country is to bow, so if you really respect our country, you will follow our rules of etiquette!  Your country regards it as shameful, but our country regards it as the highest honour!”

[TL Note: When in Rome was the closest idiom equivalent…..]

As soon as his voice fell, he won the praise of the ministers.

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“King Jing An’s words are reasonable!”

“When in Rome, good words, good words!”

That translator’s face changed from white and red.  He secretly looked over to Na Mu Cuo, hoping that his highness would give him instructions again.

Na Mu Cuo’s lips were tightly closed as he displayed no expression and said no words.

Because he had no way of refuting Chu Shao Bai’s words, each word was filled with truth.

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