Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: Deserving a beating

Everyone looked over at Chu Shao Bai.

Chu Shao Bai already knew that the other side was the East Qin Crown Prince.  He slowly stood up from his chair and his cold eyes met Na Mu Cuo’s cold gaze.

It’s him!  He was the one that kidnapped Ning’er from his side, it was him!

Thinking about the wounds he saw on her wrist last night, although Mo Chuan did not blame him, he almost died of regret and remorse.

He hated himself for letting her go with this evil wolf even though he knew Na Mu Cuo was this ruthless, in the end she was bitten by him.  If he knew this would be the result, he would have done everything to stop her, not caring if it went against her wishes.

Seeing Na Mu Cuo this time and thinking about how he was the chief offender in harming Ning’er, how could he not be filled with hatred?

His hands turned into fists and his chest was about to explode.  The flames of rage were about to break through his chest.

He was wearing a long white robe that was like a white orchid tree.  He looked dazzling to the crowd, but his eyes were filled with flames of rage.

“So it’s him!”

Na Mu Cuo recognized Chu Shao Bai with a single glance, it was the beautiful youth that was with her on the night of the lantern festival.  His eyes slightly narrowed before they instantly turned sharp. After looking at Chu Shao Bai a few times, he gave a soft snort as his face revealed a look of disdain.

Although his face was covered in disdain, he couldn’t help thinking in his heart that West Chu was not all filled with weak chickens.  That emperor named Mo Chuan was blessed with a handsome appearance and his martial arts was not weak, no wonder he could win her heart.

The beautiful youth in front of him with a snow white robe looked as beautiful as a picture.  But what he paid attention to was the clear look in Chu Shao Bai’s eyes, showing that his martial arts wasn’t bad either.

But he was not the slightest bit fearful.

But in terms of martial arts, he did not believe that there was anyone stronger than him.  As long as he defeated these two enemies in front of her, he was not afraid he wouldn’t win her heart!

But where was she?  Why did he not see her?

Could it be that West Chu wasn’t sending her out to compete with him today?

His torch like eyes swept across the stands once again, but he only found two women.

One was the white haired, grey faced Empress Dowager Zhou.  The other was a woman who seemed to be in her twenties, wearing a beautiful dress that was a dazzling red, giving off a heroic appearance.  However, he did not seem to find Chen Ning’s figure.

“Kulaximilei?”  Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help asking as his eyes filled with doubt.

He was asking the translator standing behind him.  The translator nodded, looking like a lapdog, but when he turned around to face the West Chu ministers, he became very arrogant as he puffed out his chest.

“My family’s prince wants to know, who will you send to compete with him today?”

His West Chu words were clearly enunciated, but that defiant look made everyone’s lungs want to burst.

How could this brat represent East Qin!  He was just a translator, so who was he acting tough for!

But the audience only dared to rage and did not say a word.

Even if the other side was a little translator, he was still someone on the East Qin Crown Prince’s side.  As the defeated country, they could never raise their heads against East Qin. Even if the other side was just a dog, they couldn’t offend them.

Mo Chuan was the emperor after all.  Although his heart filled with rage, his face revealed nothing.

Chu Shao Bai could not hold it in, especially since he knew Na Mu Cuo could speak the West Chu language, but he said nothing.  Sending out this translator that put no one in his eyes, he really was asking to be beaten!

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