Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 640

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Chapter 640: Person’s name and tree’s shadow

As the emperor of West Chu, he couldn’t disregard the West Chu citizens by being selfish.  For her alone, he could not break the peace barely maintained between the two kingdoms and let the flames of war rage again.  He couldn’t allow the West Chu’s previous emperor’s head fall because of his own matters.

So all he could do was endure!

Na Mu Cuo’s black horse ran under the stands before suddenly stopping.  The four horse hooves were stepping on the ground, not moving at all.

This was an excellent display of riding skills and the West Chu stands broke out in applause.

Na Mu Cuo looked up with his defined features that had a fierce look to it.  He slowly swept over the West Chu stands as if he was looking for someone.

Mo Chuan’s right hand slowly tightened into a fist in his sleeve as he looked at him without turning away.

When the two men’s gaze met, swords clashed and sparks began to fly.

Mo Chuan’s face was as calm as water, but his brows like mountains in the distance had a gloomy air to it.

Na Mu Cuo slightly raised his chin and his eyes were filled with pride.  He did not place Mo Chuan, this West Chu emperor in his eyes at all.

He gave a snort of contempt as he looked away from Mo Chuan and continued searching the stands.

Quickly sweeping across, he did not see Chen Ning.  His sharp brows could not help knitting together.

Why didn’t he see her?

Didn’t she say that she was his competition today?  Could it be she wasn’t?

Na Mu Cuo dismounted and walked over to the West Chu stands with large steps.

A low whisper came over the ministers as they tried to guess who he was.

Although his aura was not impressive, the envoy group sent by East Qin was behind him, even the envoy himself was standing behind him, so it could be seen he had an extraordinary status.

But at the banquet that night, this person was not there.

Who was he?

Mo Chuan did not care about the ministers around him.  That person walked up the stands and walked over to Mo Chuan, stopping three feet in front of him.  His right hand went to his left chest and he slightly nodded at Mo Chuan before slowly saying, “Ximigonglatu.”

[TL Note: This is gibberish, but it’s supposed to represent the East Qin language.]

His voice was low and beautiful, but no one could understand what he had said.  It could be imagined that he spoke in the East Qin language.

Although they couldn’t understand him, seeing his arrogant and disdainful manner, placing no one in his eyes, the West Chu ministers could not help becoming angry.

No matter who the other side was, seeing the emperor and not kneeling, not even bending forward slightly to bow, this was too much shame.

A translator swaggered out two steps and slightly bowed to Mo Chuan before saying, “Greetings to the your majesty, this is our East Qin’s Crown Prince, Na Mu Cuo.  He has just saluted to your majesty.”

The news of the East Qin Crown Prince coming to West Chu was only known by Mo Chuan and a few important ministers, so most people here were ignorant on this point.  Once they heard the interpreter, they all sucked in a breath of cold air as their eyes were filled with awe as they looked at Na Mu Cuo.

A person’s name, a tree’s shadow.  Although Na Mu Cuo was visiting West Chu for the first time, his title as the smartest person in the world had already rang through all four countries.  It could be said that there was not a single person who didn’t know who he was.

[TL Note: The first sentence is an idiom talking about a how wide spread a person’s reputation can be.]

So when the ministers heard that this hawk like man in front of them was the East Qin Crown Prince, their expressions could not help changing.

They already did not have much confidence in winning this competition, but hearing Na Mu Cuo’s name, their hearts were filled with depression.  They felt that they had no chance of winning at all.

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