Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 630

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Chapter 630: Can’t be bought with money

There was still time to practice!

She was just worried that she didn’t have enough time to practice.  The technique Na Mu Cuo taught her was not hard, she quickly grasped the hang of it, but she needed time to practice.  If she had time to practice a few times, she was confident in winning the competition.

“Is there anything to eat?  I’m hungry.”

She looked at Na Mu Cuo standing in front of the bed.  Since she woke up, he had been staring her the entire time.  Those cheetah like eyes had a glow that she could not understand.

His eyes no longer looked at her like she was prey, rather they were studying her.

But she didn’t have the heart to understand his thoughts.  She wanted to recover her body as quickly as possible, what she needed was a healthy body.

Feeding him blood had made her lose a lot of blood.  Her body felt very light, she did not even have the strength to walk and black kept flashing in her eyes.  However, she believed that as long as she rested for two days and ate some blood replenishing foods, she would surely become better.  She still had something important to do.

“Alright.  Whatever you want to eat, I’ll have them make immediately.”

He suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.  He should have had the chef prepare some food already, but it had completely slipped his mind.

When she wouldn’t wake up, he had been guarding her bed the entire time, not blinking at all.  He was not hungry, so he did not think that the first thing she wanted after waking up was something to eat.

“I want to drink some spinach and liver congee, some red dates and osmanthus soup, chestnut glutinous rice cakes, lotus root and black chicken soup, as well as a large bowl of brown sugar ginger tea.  The sooner the better.”

Chen Ning was not polite at all, listing several blood recovering dishes and congees.

“I remember them all.  Just wait, this prince will have them immediately send them over.”

Na Mu Cuo heard these strange dishes and his brows slightly knit.  There were some things he hadn’t heard of before, but that wasn’t important.  As long as she ordered it, even if it was dragon liver or phoenix gallbladder, he would obtain it for her.

He sent people to gather all the cooks in the kitchen and listed the name of all the dishes.  He immediately had them make it, with not a single one missing.

The cooks looked at each other in blank dismay before kneeling down together.

“Your highness, the other things can all be done, but right now it is april and the lotus flowers have not bloomed yet, where are we supposed to get lotus roots?  Without lotus roots, no matter how skilled we are, we won’t be able to make lotus root and black chicken soup!”

When Na Mu Cuo heard this, he wanted to kill someone out of irritation.  However, if he were to kill these cooks, who would make food for her?

“Waste, all of you are waste!  What use does this prince have for you!  Isn’t it just lotus root, can you not buy it with money!”

The cooks all muttered in their heart: There are many things that can’t be bought with money in this world.  Even if you are the crown prince, you can’t make a june vegetable bloom in april. One can’t eat winter’s bamboo shoots in summer and can’t eat summer’s broad beans in winter.

But no one dared to say this out loud because they would lose their head if they did so.

“This prince does not care what methods you use, you have to find lotus roots.  Otherwise, humph, humph!”

Na Mu Cuo turned around and walked out with big steps.

This left a group of cooks complaining to the heavens.  The prince was clearly being unreasonable, but they couldn’t say anything about it.

The warm dishes were sent in one after the other.  Na Mu Cuo sat in front of the bed, personally feeding her.

“Your highness, I can eat by myself.”  Chen Ning wanted to take the soup spoon from his hand, but he tightly held it.

“Both your wrists are injured.  The doctor has bandaged it for you and said you can’t use any strength.  Stop moving around and just sit down, I’ll feed you.”

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