Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 629

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Chapter 629: Never forgetting

“Why did you save me?  Weren’t you disgusted by me?  Why didn’t you just let me die from the poison?”  He looked down at her, speaking with a dry voice.

He knew that his time was very precious and he didn’t have time to talk, but he couldn’t stop himself from speaking.

She was looking down and bandaging the wound on her wrist.  Hearing this, she did not even look up as she said, “You saved me earlier, so now we’re even.  No one owes anyone anything, so you don’t need to hold back in the competition and let me win.”


The thing she never forgot was the competition!

Na Mu Cuo was very curious.  Was this competition that important to her?

He really wanted to find what was in her mind, but he did not have time to explore it right now.  Before the poison could act up again, he had to take a bath in a hot spring.

“Let’s go, we’re heading down!”

He took off his cloak and put it over her.  Then he put her on his back and brought her down the mountain.

“Your highness…..”  The driver was waiting by the cart at the foot of the mountain, coming forward to greet him when he saw him.

He was the one that released the fireworks according to Na Mu Cuo’s signal.

“Send her back.  Remember, if she is missing a single hair, this prince will take your head!”

Na Mu Cuo placed her in the carriage because she had already fainted from her excessive loss of blood.  Her face was as white as paper and her long, dense lashes were covering her eyes.

He looked at her with a complicated gaze.  He could never see through her.

Chen Ning felt like she had slept for a very, very long time.  She was very tired and her eyelids were so heavy that she could not move them at all.

In her daze, she heard a fierce voice yelling.

“Why is she still not awake?  You quack doctor! Someone, pull him out and turn him into dog food!”

She finally regained consciousness.  Her eyelashes slightly moved and she slowly opened her eyes.

A tall figure was standing over her bed, shouting at an old man that looked like a doctor.

That old man kept bowing his head, kneeling on the ground begging for mercy.

She looked over and recognized that angry tall person as Na Mu Cuo.  What, he was killing more people?

“Your…..Your highness…”  She spoke out and found that her voice was husky and hoarse, almost not sounding like her own voice.

What happened to her?

She sat up, but as soon as she raised her hand, it immediately fell down.

“You’re awake?”  Na Mu Cuo suddenly turned around, speaking in a pleasantly surprised voice.

His hand quickly reached out to grab her falling body before sitting on the bed and letting her lean against his chest.

His chest was very strong, filled with muscles and feeling very elastic.  It was very comfortable to lean against, but that manly smell coming from his body made her unable to not frown slightly.

“My…..head’s dizzy.”

She did not want to lean against him like this.  However, she knew that if she rejected him, he would be filled with rage again, so she used a tactful approach.

As expected, Na Mu Cuo heard this and immediately stood up.  He helped her lie down again and stood in front of the bed watching her.

“Is this better?”  His voice actually had a trace of gentleness to it.

She closed her eyes and gave an un sound.

“This doctor, let him go.  I’m fine already.” She said in a soft voice.

“Alright, this prince will have him scram!  Quack doctor, scram!” Na Mu Cuo kicked the doctor’s butt and the doctor rolled out like he had been granted amnesty.

She slightly opened her eyes again and found that there were candles lit in the room.  The sun had not risen yet, so she hadn’t slept for too long.

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