Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 605

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Chapter 605: Marionette

“Do you know how painful and uncomfortable it is to silently watch her being taken away by someone else?  You will never know Zhui Feng because you are a rock, a piece of wood! You have never understand emotions and are just a puppet.  You are nothing more than a marionette that follows your master’s orders!”

Chu Shao Bai grabbed the clothes at his chest.  That place was filled with an unbearable pain, but his face did not reveal anything.

He was very hurt, but he was not willing to let anyone see it because he was proud and because he was not willing to see anyone’s sympathetic gaze.

He was like a proud lone wolf.  When he was hurt, he would find an isolate place and lick his wounds by himself.

But it was Zhui Feng’s words that was like sprinkling salt on an open wound and then digging out his wounds.  It was also like cutting him twice, adding to his pain and making him more injured.

“King Jing An, this subordinate respects you as a king, but if you keep shaming this subordinate, this subordinate will not be polite with you anymore.”

Zhui Feng was a hidden guard and hated the word “marionette” the most.  For a loyal guard like him, this was the greatest insult possible.

“Impolite, are you being very polite to this king right now?”  Chu Shao Bai revealed a cold smile as his eyes burned with a faint light of anger.

He could not vent the anger inside his heart.  Especially after seeing Zhui Feng provoke him again like this, he really wanted to punch him right in the nose.

“Hu!”  Without saying anything else, he sent out a heavy punch at Zhui Feng’s nose.

Zhui Feng never thought he would hit without saying anything and he would move this quick.  He quickly dodged out of the way and although the fist did not land on his nose, the sharp wind went past his face and grazed his cheeks.

It could be seen that Chu Shao Bai had used real force with his fist.

“Your highness, do you want to test this subordinate’s martial arts?”  Zhui Feng was also filled with real anger. He already couldn’t stand the other side’s uncaring nature and he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart any longer.  He was secretly thinking that he would teach him a fierce lesson for the emperor and help the emperor vent his anger!

“Stop wasting words!  Watch this move!” Chu Shao Bai charged forward and his figure turned into white shadows.  With both fists flying out, his fists aimed at Zhui Feng were filled with strength and he held nothing back.

He was feeling depressed in his heart and he wanted to use these moves to vent all his emotions.  In his eyes, the other side was not Zhui Feng, but rather Na Mu Cuo!

Zhui Feng used his qinggong and avoided several dangerous moves.  Although he wanted to angrily teach the other side a lesson, the other side was still a respected king.  Because of this prestige, he couldn’t make a move in the end.

Other than his qinggong, his fists, kicks, hidden weapon techniques, and everything else were all inferior to Chu Shao Bai.  Adding in the fact that he wasn’t retaliating he was at even more of a disadvantage. Finally he couldn’t dodge in time and he took a heavy punch from Chu Shao Bai in the chin.

“Ah!  You’re highness, you’re attacking for real!  How can you be this heavy in making your move!”

Zhui Feng’s tears came out from the pain.  He gritted his teeth and began to retaliate.  The two men began to fight with “peng, peng, peng” sounds.

The kung fu of the two men were on par.  With this battle continuing, it lasted for half an hour without reaching an end.  Both sides had taken quite a few fists from the other side.

Only, Zhui Feng always remembered the other side’s king identity.  Even if the other side sent a kick at his butt, he was too embarrassed to leave a muddy footprint with his feet on Chu Shao Bai’s white clothes.

Suddenly, a clear rooster’s cry came from the distance.  Zhui Feng’s body broke out in cold sweat as he looked to the east, seeing the horizon turning white as the sky began to light up.

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