Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 604

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Chapter 604: Making it hard for oneself

“Please forgive this subordinate for his poor eyesight, this subordinate did not see you anxious or sad at all.  Since your highness is not worried for the Princess Consort’s safety, this subordinate will report to the emperor.  I believe that the emperor will surely rescue the Princess Consort from Na Mu Dui……No, Na Mu Cuo’s hands.”

Zhui Feng said this and without waiting for Chu Shao Bai to reply, his right foot stepped off as he flew over the wall, heading straight in the direction of the capital city.

He flew off into the distance, but he still heard the sound of clothes flapping in the wind behind him.  Turning around, he saw Chu Shao Bai following behind him, keeping a three step distance from him.

“Your highness, why are you following this subordinate?”  Zhui Feng asked in a cold voice.

“I want to see the emperor.”  Chu Shao Bai’s eyes were indifferent and his face was calm.

“The emperor does not want to see you now, you should wait until tomorrow’s morning court to see the emperor.”  Zhui Feng gave a snort, while his heart was filled with scorn towards Chu Shao Bai.

That night, Chu Shao Bai’s words were truly great and moving.  Even his stone heart was melted by his true emotions.

He said that it was fine as long as she was happy and blessed.  He would feel satisfied and happy.

But in the blink of an eye, he had turned into a different person!

Because the person the princess liked was not him, but rather the emperor, he let this foreign prince take her away.  Seeing death, but not helping, this…..Was this still a man!

Zhui Feng was truly blind, taking this kind of person as his brother!

Zhui Feng’s heart was filled with irritation, not wanting to say a single word to Chu Shao Bai.  He did not even want to take a look at him.

He looked down on him!

“Your highness, this subordinate has said that the emperor does not want to see you, your highness should not follow this subordinate.”  Zhui Feng suddenly stopped moving and coldly looked at Chu Shao Bai.

“Whether the emperor wants to see this king or not is not something a hidden guard like you can decide.”

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes and words were both cold, “Tell this king, where is the emperor?”

“This servant does not know.”  Zhui Feng stubbornly said.

Chu Shao Bai did not say anything as he crossed his hands behind him and calmly looked at him.

Zhui Feng could not help secretly gritting his teeth.  He knew that Chu Shao Bai was not inferior to him in terms of qinggong, so it was not an easy matter for him to lose this tail.

But should he bring him to see the emperor?

He had to make an important report in front of the emperor.  If he were to report this matter in front of King Jing An, how could he possibly do so!

“King Jin An, please don’t make it difficult for this subordinate.”

Zhui Feng’s heart was anxious and he wanted to keep going.  When the emperor learned of this and went to ask the East Qin Crown Prince for her back, it might be too late.  If the Princess Consort was shamed by the East Qin Crown Prince…..How could Zhui Feng have the face to see the emperor!

He was the emperor’s secret guard, but he couldn’t even protect a single girl that the emperor commanded him to protect?  Was he even suited to being a guard?

He could not commit suicide to apologize!

“This king is not making it difficult for you, you are making it difficult for yourself.”

Zhui Feng could not understand the words Chu Shao Bai said at all.

“Your highness, you know this subordinate is dumb, can you speak in a simpler manner?  You don’t want to save the Princess Consort because she doesn’t like you, so you hate her, right?  So you won’t save her even when seeing her in danger, right?”

Zhui Feng was straightforward.  Whatever he was thinking was whatever he asked.

“He, he, so I, Chu Shao Bai am that king of person in your, Zhui Feng’s mind!”

Hearing this, Chu Shao Bai’s face turned slightly pale.  His dark eyes sparkled and his right hand formed into a tight fist, releasing the sounds of bones cracking.

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