Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Mischievous fox

Once she heard the word checkout, Xiao Ru’s face turned white.  Her little hands tightly grabbed onto Chen Ning’s sleeves.

Chen Ning patted her hands and then said to the waiter with a smile, “Your restaurant’s dishes are not bad, but it’s still not good enough.  We aren’t satisfied with these dishes.”

Once the waiter heard what she said, he smiled and said, “Miss you may not know, but our restaurant has over two hundred different dishes.  We are the restaurant with the most variety and best tasting food in the capital.  From the nobles to ministers to even the royal family, they are all filled with praise after eating our food.”

He was very proud of this.

After he took Chen Ning’s money, he didn’t dare look down on this master and servant pair.  But, once he heard her say that the dishes weren’t good enough, he wasn’t convinced and couldn’t help boasting.

“Then I want to order four special dishes.  I wonder, will your chef will be able to make them?”  Chen Ning smiled and asked.

“Miss, no matter what your order, as long as it flies in the sky, runs on land, or swims in the water, our chef will be able to make it.  Only if miss does not order anything, then our chef will not be able to make anything!”  The waiter slapped his chest and said in a boastful tone.

“That’s good, I’m more relaxed like this.”

Chen Ning smiled and her eyebrows bent down.  Seeing this, Xiao Ru began to whisper in her heart.

Every time she saw the young miss make this fox like smile, someone would have bad luck.

But Xiao Ru could not understand.  The one that should be having bad luck was them since they had no money to pay the bill…….

“Then I’ll order something that flies in the sky, walks on land, and swims in the ocean.  Un, as for the last dish, let’s order a soup.”  Chen Ning leaned back in her chair in a very relaxed manner.

“Alright!”  The waiter thought this seemed very simple so he quickly agreed and turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute.  Waiter, I still haven’t finished speaking.”  Chen Ning called out to stop him.

“Miss, do you still want to order something else?”  The waiter smiled and walked over.  He spoke with a very respectful tone.

Chen Ning tapped her chin with a finger and slowly said, “For the first dish, something that flies in the sky.  A phoenix could be considered a bird, so let’s order a phoenix’s nest.  The second dish, something that runs on land.  I wish to taste the egg of the legendary phoenix, so I’ll order a phoenix’s egg.  The third dish, something that swims in the ocean.  Since it is currently the spring, let’s have a peach flower mandarin fish.  It is the perfect time to eat a mandarin fish, so let’s have a squirrel mandarin fish cooked.  As the for the fourth dish, let’s just have a simple soup.  As long is it’s tasty, good to look at, and nice to listen to.”

“Wh, wh, wh……what?”

As Chen Ning spoke, the waiter’s chin fell to the floor.  Once she finished, the waiter’s mouth was large enough to fit an entire egg inside.

He had been working as a waiter for Tai He Floor for over two years now, he had never heard of the dishes this guest had just named.  This was definitely the first time they had even been heard of!

What phoenix’s nest, phoenix’s egg, and squirrel mandarin fish……Not to mention seeing these things, he had never even heard of them before.

Even that tasty, good looking, and nice to listen to soup, that seemed like it was even more impossible!

“Did you not hear me?  Then do you want me to name the dishes again for you?”

Seeing how the waiter was standing there in a daze, Chen Ning’s lips pulled back and she revealed a large smile.

“I, I heard you.”  The waiter finally forced his mouth to close.

He looked on in a daze at Chen Ning’s smiling face.  No matter how he looked at her, he could only see her as a mischievous fox.

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