Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: A good opportunity to get closer

Xiao Si could already tell that his master was interested in the older girl next door and it seemed like he wasn’t just slightly interested.

After following his master for all these years, he had never seen his master invite a single girl to a meal!

After he had reported back to his master that the two girls had disappeared, his master did not show any expression and did not say anything, but Xiao Si felt that the surrounding had become much more depressing.  It was as if he had been hit with a cold wind and he couldn’t help shivering.

He realized that if he did not find the girl, he would be leaving a bad impression on his master’s heart.

But who would have thought there would be this kind of coincidence today?  The girl he couldn’t find yesterday had appeared in the room beside him and she had no money to pay for her meal.  This was a good opportunity to get closer!

But why did his master pretend like he had heard nothing?  He just sat there without moving at all.

Xiao Si could not bear to watch his master let this heaven sent opportunity pass by, so he gave him a reminder.

“Meddlesome!”  The black clothed man’s cold eyes were like knives and Xiao Si immediately closed his mouth.

Alright, since his master thought he was being too nosy, he just would not care then.

He wanted to see how his boring master and that interesting girl would start a conversation!

“Young miss, the food this Tai He Floor makes is too delicious.  This servant has never eaten anything this delicious!  If we could eat food like this everyday, how great would that be.”

Xiao Ru gave a large burp.  She happily licked her lips and then realized something.

She was already full and yet there was still this much food left.

Chen Ning gave a cold laugh.  These dishes were delicious, but she had eaten thing even better in the modern era.  After all, as time passed, mankind would continue to progress.

The recipes that people in the modern era came up with, the people of this era could not compete with.

Compared to the dishes, she enjoyed the wine much more.  It was like the waiter said, it had a pure sweetness that was truly memorable.

After a few glasses, she was feeling a little dizzy.  Her cheeks became redder and her eyes began to shine brighter.

“Xiao Ru, are you full?”  She smiled and said.

“I’m full, I’m full.  This servant’s stomach is about to explode.”  Xiao Ru replied.  Then she revealed a worried expression and pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve as she said in a low voice, “Young miss, since we don’t have any money, how about we find a chance to escape?”

“Escape?  Then tell me, how do we escape?”  Chen Ning couldn’t help smiling as she asked.

Xiao Ru looked around and saw a window, then her eyes lit up, “How about we escape through the window?”

“We’re on the second floor.  Being this high up, aren’t you scared of breaking your legs by jumping down?”  Chen Ning smiled and looked over at the window.

“This……”  Xiao Ru did not know what to say.

She anxiously scratched her head, “Then what do we do?  Do we just sit here without paying the bill?  Do we just keep stay here forever?”

Not only was Xiao Ru anxious, even Xiao Si in the other room was anxious for them.

He could not help looking over at his master, hoping that the black clothed man would take the initiative to pay for them.

But the black clothed man did not even look at him.  He was just eating and drinking at a leisurely pace.

“He, he.”  Chen Ning laughed and then suddenly shouted out, “Waiter!”

“Servant is here, do the guests have any orders?  Or are you ready to checkout?”  The waiter came in with a happy expression.

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