Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: Where he goes, she would be there

Mo Chuan had a complicated expression on his face.  Although he was very angry that Chu Shao Bai had this bad idea of taking Chen Ning away, he knew that this fellow did it for her good, so he couldn’t blame him.

Adding in the fact that he was around the same age as Chu Shao Bai and had a brotherly relationship even though they were uncle and nephew in name, he could not bear to blame him.

But thinking about how this fellow did what he wanted and almost ran off with his beloved woman, he did not want to let Chu Shao Bai off too easily.

Thinking about it, he would just let him sleep.  When he woke up and found that she was gone, he would be filled with anxiety!

“Ning’er, what’s wrong?  Are you hurt?”

Mo Chuan very quickly found that Chen Ning’s body in his embrace was stiff and couldn’t move at all.  He thought that her acupuncture point had been poked, but taking her pulse, he could tell that she was normal.

“Medicine, hasn’t passed.”  Chen Ning moved her lips.

He nodded, “Let’s leave this place first.”

He held her as he went out the door.

Under the moonlight, an ash covered person was guarding in the yard.  When she saw this person, Chen Ning was shocked. Had this person just been struck by lightning?

She blinked several times before recognizing him.  This person that had been blown beyond recognition was actually Zhui Feng.

He looked very sorry and funny, he didn’t have the same fake respectful and cocky appearance from before.

She looked around and understood what had happened.  She secretly praised that Xiao Bai did great!

This fellow had taken advantage of Xiao Ru and immediately thought of avoiding taking responsibility for it, which made her angry.  She had even wanted to send him a few thunderbolt eggs to taste.

There was the parked carriage Chu Shao Bai brought her in in the yard.

Mo Chuan carried her into the cart and Zhui Feng also jumped up to the driver’s seat.  Cracking the whip, the horse began to move forward in the moonlight, leaving the farmhouse and heading in the direction of the capital city.

In the horse carriage, there was only her and him.

The sky was still dark and only silver moonlight shined in through the carriage window.  It cast a faint white gauze over the two people sitting in the carriage.

He took a deep look at her, almost as if his eyes were about to melt her.  Watching her like this made her face turn red.

Not long ago, she was filled with despair because she thought that she would never see him again.  But she never thought that he would appear in front of her in the blink of an eye.

She was almost in doubt whether she was in a dream or not.

A sweet and intoxicating feeling filled her eyes as she lost herself in looking at him, not bearing to look away.  If this was a dream, what would happen if she suddenly woke up?

“Ning’er, I knew that I would certainly find you.  Now, I’ve finally found you.”

His hands holding her used a bit of force and tightly held her against his chest.  It was so tight that she almost could not breathe.

With her face tightly placed against his chest, she could hear his heart’s fast and strong beating, making her eyes fill with tears.

This was the world she wanted.  The world she wanted wasn’t wandering around the world, but rather to be in his embrace!

If she did not fall in love with Mo Chuan and was like before, there was no doubt that everything Chu Shao Bai described was what she wanted.  But, the situation was different now. Her heart had already been given to Mo Chuan. Wherever he was, she would be there! His world was also her world!

“Mo Chuan, Mo Chaun!”  She called out his name in a whisper.  Her hand slowly moved around his chest, tightly hugging him.

“Ning’er, you can move?”  His body slightly trembled as he was filled with pleasant surprise.

Yi?  It seemed like she could move.

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