Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 551

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Chapter 551: Mo Chuan, you have to come

“Xiao Bai…..”  She opened her mouth wanting to call him away, but she could not make a sound.

Forget it, he must have not even had the time to take a short break after coming back to the capital before receiving Empress Dowager Zhou’s orders.  Then he would have been preparing non-stop to take her away.

So, he must be too tired to stay awake any longer.  She would just let him sleep without disrupting him.

Chen Ning closed her eyes, she also wanted to sleep a while.

But her heart was filled with images of Mo Chuan and her heart felt like it was on fire, how could she sleep like this?

“Mo Chuan, Mo Chuan.”

Her eyes stared at the head of the bed as she called Mo Chuan’s name in her heart again and again.

If they were of the same heart, he would surely hear her calling her from within her heart.

If he could hear it, he would know that she wasn’t dead!

If he knew that she wasn’t dead, would he be able to find her?

Chen Ning’s eyes were slowly covered in a layer of tears.

She knew he could not find her!

Chu Shao Bai seemed simple, but as a man that grew up in the royal family, how could he be as harmless as he appeared?

Not only was he very smart, he was also very meticulous.  He must have prepared a route already where no one would have been able to find them.

She slowly turned her eyes, looking around this simple and unusual room.  She knew that this wasn’t an inn, but rather a farmhouse.

Chu Shao Bai was very smart, he knew that if he were to enter the city and stay in an inn, he would leave a trail, so he found a farmhouse residence.  He could easily disguise himself so that even she could not recognize him, so how could she expect others to recognize him?

Mo Chuan, you have to come!  You have to come find me!

Suddenly, her ears moved and she seemed to have heard a small noise.

It’s a mouse?

Following this, a blur appeared in front of her eyes and an extra person appeared in the room.

That person’s back was against the light, but in the dim light, she could see that this person was wearing a set of black cloths.  He had a straight back and long legs, slowly walking in front of the bed.

He did not make a single sound.

If she had not seen him, she would not have been able to hear this person’s footsteps.

Her heart beat fast in nervousness as her eyes opened wide, staring at this person.

Was it Mo Chuan?  Was he Mo Chuan?

If he wasn’t Mo Chuan, then who was he?  Would he hurt Xiao Bai?

Chen Ning bit her lips, not knowing whether she should call Xiao Bai awake.

Suddenly, that person slightly turned his face and the faint candlelight illuminated it.  It was that familiar extremely fine, handsome face and deep, dark as ink eyes.

Her eyes became warm as tears began to flow out.

He was Mo Chuan!

He had finally found her!

Mo Chuan raised a finger and made a gesture to indicate silence.  She blinked her eyes to show she understood and then held her breath.

Chu Shao Bai was in a deep sleep, not noticing that there was an extra person in the room at all.  He did not hear Mo Chuan’s footsteps either since he was very tired and was very relaxed. He never dreamed that Mo Chuan would be able to find them so quickly.

Mo Chuan suddenly made a move.  He poked Chu Shao Bai’s waist, sealing his sleep acupuncture point.

Chu Shao Bai’s sleep was already very deep, but adding in this acupuncture point, he would be asleep for at least ten-twelve hours before waking up.

Mo Chuan reached out and picked Chen Ning up from the bed.  Then he placed Chu Shao Bai on the bed and placed the blanket over him, letting him have a comfortable sleep.

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