Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 539

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Chapter 539: Street king

“Ning’er, I’m very happy.”  He suddenly took her hand and revealed a smile to her.

His palms were burning hot and his eyes were even hotter.

Chen Ning suddenly felt that something was wrong.  She had just taken his gift, so why was he so excited?

“Xiao Bai, I heard that the East Qin envoys came to our capital today and the palace is hosting a banquet, why didn’t you go?  I think the palace must be very festive and as King Jing An, is it alright if you don’t go?”

She changed the topic and calmly pulled back her hand that was being tightly held by him.

“Un, it’s very festive, but I don’t like that.  I like being here with you.” He stared into her eyes as he spoke.

Her heart was feeling more uneasy.  She wanted to pull back her hand, but he tightly held on.

“Ning’er, do you like festive places?”  There are many fun things on the street right now and many things I haven’t seen before.  How about we go and have a look together?”

Her heart skipped a beat and felt that his idea wasn’t that bad.

“Alright.”  She nodded and then turned to look at Xiao Ru lying on the bed, “Let’s bring Xiao Ru, she likes festive places.”

“No need, let’s just let her sleep here.”

Chu Shao Bai immediately shook his head.  Without giving her any time to react, he pulled her out the window.  Avoiding the eyes of all the palace guards, he jumped over the walls and left the Eldest Princess palace.

He arrived on a street filled with people.  Chen Ning realized that she had underestimated the prosperity of the capital.

This place was very lively.  There were all kinds of food to eat and things to play with.  It seemed like there had been families wandering around all day.

She was separated from Chu Shao Bai in the crowd, but very quickly, he pushed his way through the crowd and grabbed her hand, not letting her be carried away be the crowd again.

“Sorry, Ning’er.  I never knew that there were this many people here.  If I knew, I wouldn’t have brought you here to see the scene.”

He was a bit vexed and a bit regretful.  He continued to look at the people around them.

He had realized that there were more and more people not playing around and were rather staring at the two of them.  Unknowingly, they had become the center of attention.

Originally, they were both people with outstanding appearances.  Once was a beautiful youth with cream like skin and the other was a beautiful as a flower young girl.  Standing in a crowd, they would immediately stand out, creating a beautiful scene. It was impossible for them to not attract the crowd’s attention.

Especially some malicious street thugs.  They looked over Chen Ning and then came over with evil grins on their faces.

“Young miss, is that your little lover beside you?  Look at his frail body, does he still want to protect the flower?  How about coming with us brothers, we brothers will make sure you’re happy.”  A thug fell more in love with Chen Ning the more he looked her over, even daring to come over to try and hold her hand.

When the thugs saw this, they all began to call along, showing themselves off.

They were very familiar with this street and were considered the street kings.  Normally they would take liberties with good natured women and normal people would not dare stop them.  They would all move to the side when they saw them.

When the citizens saw this, they were all angry, but did not dare say anything.  They were all secretly feeling sorry for Chen Ning.

This kind of flower like little miss was being targeted by these scum, the heavens might even smite them.

Ai, it’s a pity there was that pretty boy beside her.  The two of them were suited for each other, but they were both like fragile pearls.  God really was closing his eyes!

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