Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: He really had no time

“Xiao Bai, did you come back to see me as soon as you returned?  Why didn’t you rest first? I’m here anyway, I won’t run away. Look, your eyes are completely red.”

Chen Ning noticed that although his style remained, his face had a haggard look to it, especially his eyes which were completely red.  Last time, he came as soon as he returned and also had a pair of rabbit eyes. She couldn’t help feeling guilty.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have to run around outside, not even being able to have proper rest.

“Ning’er, are you worried about me?”

His eyes lit up as he moved forward to try and hold her hands.

Chen Ning calmly moved back a step and said with a faint smile, “Yes.  Now that you have seen that I’m fine, if you don’t want me to worry, then go back and sleep.  If there’s something important, we’ll talk after you wake up.”

His passionate gaze made her face slightly blush.  She was thinking in her heart, should she tell him about the matters between her and Mo Chuan?

But seeing his clear as water face and those clean and clear eyes, she couldn’t bear to speak.

The only thing she could do now was keep her distance from him.

“Ning’er, I have something I want to give you.”

Chu Shao Bai did not notice her avoidance at all.  He excitedly a long, brocaded box from his sleeves and placed it in front of her like he was offering a treasure.

“What is it?”  She smiled and said, “If it’s expensive, I won’t take it.”

“It’s a worthless little toy, so you won’t like it.  It’s better if I just throw it away.” He blankly shook his head as he raised his hand and prepared to throw it out the window.

“Wait a minute, let me see what it is.”

She grabbed his hand and took the box, opening it up.

The box was beautifully decorated and inside there was a long branch.  Eh, it also couldn’t be considered a branch since there was a pointed end to it where a flower was engraved.

“This is a wooden hairpin?”  She picked it up to look at it.  She saw that the carving was very simple and the hairpin itself had not been polished.

She never would have imagined that Xiao Bai would give her such a normal item.

“Was this made by you?”  She was very smart and immediately guessed it.  She revealed a smile at him.

“Yes, this was the first one I learned to make.  Does it look very ugly? If you don’t like it, you can just throw it away.”  His face was slightly blushing as he nervously looked at her while clenching his fingers.

Although he said he didn’t mind, but if she really did throw it away, he would be very disappointed…..

But he wouldn’t let her see it.  Next time, he would make a better looking one for her.

Only this time, he really did not have the time.

“Who says it’s ugly?  Whoever calls this thing ugly, that person does not have eyes!  I think it’s very beautiful and I like it a lot. Xiao Bai, thank you, I’ll take this gift.”  She placed the hairpin on her head and asked with a smile, “Does it look good?”

Although he didn’t say anything, the micro expressions his face and eyes made, how could they escape her gaze?

How could she let this eager for praise boy be disappointed with his first piece of work?

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes suddenly lit up, making his dark eyes sparkle, “Good, very good.”

She accepted it!  She had accepted his personal made hairpin and had placed it on her head.

His heart beated fast with excitement.

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