Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: Fortunately, I met you in this life

“What kind of trick are you playing now?”  Mo Chuan suspiciously looked at her, obviously not believing her.

He could not forget her teasing from last time.  This time, seeing her smile like this, his heart was once again filled with doubts.

“You….Whether you want it is up to you.  If you don’t want it, I won’t give it!”

She angrily stepped on his foot.  How could he be such a blockhead!

She couldn’t take the initiative, so why couldn’t he take the initiative!

She had taken the initiative last time, so this time it should be his turn!

But she was too embarrassed to say this.

“Alright, I trust you this time.”  Mo Chuan slowly closed his eyes. He held his breath as his heart raced.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take the initiative, but rather…..he didn’t know how!

He was scared of being laughed at by her.

So, he would let her do it.  Although he didn’t know how, he could secretly learn.  With how smart he was, he would be able to quickly learn it.

Chen Ning raised her brows and silently stared at him, seeing that he actually closed his eyes.  His brows were long and dense, converging over a pair of black eyes that confused her mind. However, those slightly trembling brows betrayed him and the arms holding her suddenly became tense.

She gave a gentle laugh, suddenly not feeling nervous or shy.

Because he was even more nervous and shy in comparison.

She looked up, staring at his brows, his eyes, and also his jade like nose.  She also looked at those slightly pursed lips, it looked very good……She didn’t know what the flavour would be if she kissed them.

Last time she had been too flustered and rushed, gently touching his lips before leaving.  She did not feel anything at all, just feeling a touch of warmth.

Right now he was right beside her, within the range of her hand.

She stood on her tiptoes, complaining that he was tall while reaching her hands around his neck, slowly leaning in towards his lips.

Her heart was beating strong, almost jumping out of her chest.  Her face was red in embarrassment, but it was a good thing he couldn’t see, otherwise she wouldn’t have the courage to kiss him.

A light and sweet breath fell onto his face.  Although he closed his eyes, he could feel her slowly approaching him.

His body turned tense and his arms around her waist froze, not being able to move.  He was looking forward to it and also feeling nervous.

But after waiting a bit, he still did not feel the thing he was expecting touching his lips.

He couldn’t help slightly opening his eyes.  He immediately saw a pure white face with a pink flush in front of him, with those sparkling eyes looking at him without blinking.  Her eyes were misted over with a thin layer of water that was very moving, but it made his heart tighten.

What happened to her?  Why was she crying?

Before he could even say a thing, she suddenly closed her eyes and kissed his lips, making his entire body freeze!

“Mo Chuan, thank you.”

She quickly moved from his lips and opened her eyes.  She looked into his eyes with her dark, sparkling eyes.

“Thank me for what?”  He said in a surprised voice.  Although it was different from what he expected, his heart still soared from the happiness he felt.

“Thank you for saving me and thank you for saving Xiao Ru.  Mo Chuan, I am truly fortunate, being able to meet you in this lifetime.”

She softly whispered as she plunged her head deep into his chest while hugging his waist.

Those soft and slender arms went around his firm waist, once again making his body tremble.

He did not say anything as he just hugged her tight.  His chin was in her hair as his head slowly moved down, gently kissing her hair.

Just this sentence from her was enough!

Everything he did for her was worth it!

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