Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 500

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Chapter 500: Compensate you

But, she really did not dare tell him because she did not dare bet with Xiao Ru’s life!

Her voice was soft and sticky, like a cotton candy, slowly melting his heart.  Strand by strand, thread by thread, entwining around his heart.

The hardened chin that he worked hard to maintain unknowingly began to loosen.

He could never truly be angry with her.

But forgiving her this easily, he was not willing!

“Do you think this matter can be solved just like this?”  He looked down, coldly staring at her.

“Then…..what do you want to do?  Perhaps, I can compensate you?” She blinked her clear spring like eyes as her lips curled into a fawning smile.

She knew that he was angry and that this matter was her fault, she should not have said goodbye by herself.  For a proud man like him, how could he accept something like this?

His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“How will you compensate me?”  His eyes were still cold and his voice was still firm, without becoming a bit softer.

He could not let her gain any footing, otherwise he would not be able to stop her in the future.

“I……”  She quickly looked to the side and her face slightly turned red.  She bit her lips and said, “What kind of compensation do you want?”  

He tightly held her waist and the two of them came closer.  He looked down at her face that was flushed like a peach blossom blooming in march, with an attractive pink colour and her black watery eyes that made his breathing stop.  His eyes moved down, falling onto her pale pink lips.

She noticed his gaze and her face became even more flushed.

The two of them were both thinking about that light kiss they had.

Mo Chuan’s heart began to beat faster, again and again, like he had been bewitched.  He slowly moved his head down, coming closer to her while his heart raced.

She seemed like she knew his attention, but she did not struggle.  She obediently closed her eyes and the two rows of long, dense lashes cast a shadow over her eyes as she silently waited.

“No, no!”

As his lips passed by her nose and was about to fall down, she suddenly opened her eyes and reached out to stop his lips.

“Why not?”  His voice was stunned as his eyes burned with a faint flame.

He almost wanted to bite her.

This mischievous girl, teasing him at this kind of moment.  What did she want to do!

“You’ve said you wanted to compensate me!”  He said word for word, with the muffled sound passing through her palm.  There was a warm breath that warmed her palm, making it itchy.

She couldn’t help giggling as she let go.  With that giggle, she said, “You are still wearing that human skin mask.  I don’t want to touch an unknown person’s dead skin while you’re kissing me.  Wu, that feeling is very disgusting!”

She wrinkled her brows with disgust.

Mo Chuan’s face turned green.

He peeled the mask from his face and then threw it onto the floor.  Then he glared at her, “Is it fine now?”

Under the candlelight, his flawless handsome face appeared.  His eyes shined like cold stars in the night and looking at her, they were filled with a vague affection.

“Yes, of course.  First close your eyes.”

She smiled as her eyes curved like a little fox.

Although he had taken off the mask, the beautiful and sweet atmosphere had been interrupted.  No matter how brave she was, she was still embarrassed about taking the initiative to kiss him, especially with him staring right at her.

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