Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: It’s fine to lack anything but money

Seeing how Mother Lin and the others had come so aggressively, but left so calmly, Chun Tao and Xia He could not stay calm.

What just happened was just like a dream, it seemed too unreal.

The way the two of them looked at Chen Ning had also changed.  Now they had the same expression Xiao Ru always had.

Xiao Ru took in the expressions of the two and felt pride in her heart.  She laughed and said, “Are you guys just like me?  Don’t you also want to kneel down in front of our family’s young miss?”

Chun Tao and Xia He both furiously nodded.  Their hearts were filled with surprise and joy.

Originally these two people were exiled and that’s why they were sent here to serve an unfavoured princess like Chen Ning, their hearts were filled with grievances.  But, after seeing the princess’ performance today, they couldn’t help feeling shock.  The two maidservants were now filled with feelings of awe.

The two of them looked at each other and they couldn’t help revealing smiles.

The princess even dealt with Mother Lin, the hardest person to deal with in this palace.  From today onwards, they would have a much easier life in this palace.

Chen Ning was feeling very good as she smiled and said, “Having to deal with such a chaotic situation in the morning, we haven’t even had breakfast yet.  This princess is very hungry, if you have anything that’s tasty, bring it over for this princess quickly.”

Chun Tao and Xia He responded in unison.  The two of them ran off together and personally cooked breakfast.  Before long, there was a whole table filled with delicious food.

Chen Ning was very satisfied as she ate.

“Xia He, go and get a palace leaving command token from Mother Lin.  Tell her that this princess is bored of staying inside the palace and wants to go out for a stroll.”  Chen Ning said.

She didn’t want to act like she did last time, digging a hole to escape.  From now on she would openly walk out the palace in a dignified manner.

Xia He promised and left.  Before long, she was came back with a command token.

She respectfully presented it to Chen Ning.

This palace leaving command token was not something normal and it was definitely now something everyone had.  As far as she knew, there were only three of these tokens in the king’s palace.

When she went to find Mother Lin, the minute she opened her mouth, Mother Lin instantly gave her the token without any hesitation.  She didn’t even let Xia He flatter her.

The princess truly had a large reputation!

“Chun Tao, Xia He, I want to bring Xiao Ru out for a walk, you two will guard the house.  No matter who comes over, you can’t let them in.  You guys have to remember, the princess was taught the family law’s by Mother Lin and is currently injured, so no one is allowed to see her.  Do you understand?”

The two maidservants promised in unison, but they had a confused look on their faces.

The ones who were injured were clearly the people that Mother Lin had brought with her.  The princess was not the slightest bit injured, so why would the princess pretend like she was?

Chen Ning just gave a smile and didn’t explain for them.  She went back into the room to change her clothes, then she took the command token and walked out of the palace’s back door with Xiao Ru, arriving onto a crowded street.

Leaving the palace this time, she only had a single goal.  That was to – earn money!

As the saying goes: It’s fine to have everything, just don’t be sick.  It’s fine to have nothing, just don’t lack money.

Chen Ning had come from a modern era, so she could obviously understand this logic.

If she wanted to thrive in this era, the first thing she needed to do was to get some money!

Although she was the country protecting palace’s young miss, looking at the two shabby dowry boxes she owned which even Chun Tao and Xia He looked down on, it was clear she didn’t have a lot of money.

The only thing of value she had were the two jade bracelets, but they were items left behind by the original owner’s mother so she could not bear to sell them.

Although she was very poor right now, she believed that with her wisdom and knowledge, it would be easy for her to earn a lot of money in this era.

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