Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Slapping someone and giving them a date

“Reporting to the princess, this old servant will tell his highness that after this old servant paid her greetings to the princess, she fell ill and now need bed rest.  She will need ten days to half a month to get better.”

Mother Lin tried to respond based on what she thought Chen Ning wanted.

Chen Ning nodded in satisfaction.

She truly is the head servant, no wonder she could be the steward of this king’s palace for so many years.  She could easily understand what I was implying.

It was much easier dealing with intelligent people.

She smiled and said, “This report is very good.  With Mother Lin’s hard efforts, his highness will definitely reward you.”

“This old slave also wishes to thank the princess.”

Mother Lin’s wrinkled face actually gave a smile.

The words the two of them spoke was just like a puzzle.  Everyone listening around them couldn’t help but become confused.  

But when they saw that both the princess and Mother Lin were smiling, seemingly dissolving their enmity, they all let out a sigh of relief.

Chen Ning calmly said, “Mother Lin, we can be considered friends after fighting.  Today this princess has offended you, so I hope that Mother Lin will not blame this princess.”

Mother Lin spoke with a face of fear, “This old servant doesn’t dare, this old servant doesn’t dare.”

She indeed did not dare to be offended.

Chen Ning had only beaten her once and she already knew that the opposite party was someone who she could not offend.  With this kind of person, would she dare to provoke her in the future?

“Xiao Ru, Chun Tao, Xia He!”

The smile on Chen Ning’s face suddenly disappeared and a serious expression appeared.

“Servant is here.”

“The things that happened today, you have seen nothing and heard nothing, do you understand?  If a single word is passed onto an outsider, don’t blame this princess for being impolite!”  Chen Ning said in a serious voice.

“Servant does not dare!”  The three maidservants all bowed down together.  A look of fear appeared in their eyes.

“Stand up.”  Chen Ning raised her hand.  Her lips parted and formed a faint smile.

“Mother Lin, this princess will ensure that these three maids will not say a single word about what happened today.  An old person like you should relax, you are still the steward of this king’s palace.  If there is anyone that dares to disrespect you, just send someone to tell this princess and this princess will punish them for you!”

Mother Lin was finally fully convinced.

This princess was slapping her and then giving her a date.

[TL Note: This basically means carrot and stick.]

Even if the others cannot understand what Chen Ning is saying, how could she not understand?

The meaning behind Chen Ning’s words were very clear.  As long as she obediently listened to her, the embarrassing matter of her being slapped today would not be told to anyone else.  She would still be the Mother Lin from before, the one respected by everyone in this palace.

Although the slap she suffered was very painful, the date that Chen Ning offered was enough to sate her anger.  

“Princess, the kindness you show this old servant, this old servant will remember.  If you even need anything, you just need to send someone over and this old servant will do her best.”

Mother Lin was now full of admiration and gratitude towards Chen Ning.

She had lived a long life, the only thing she could not lose was her old face

[TL Note: Face means reputation]

Now with Chen Ning’s promise, she was feeling much more reassured.

As for the maid subordinates, they were all her confidants.  She was not the slightest bit worried that these maids would tell others about her being beaten, unless they didn’t want to live any longer.

“Well said, well said.  Have a good trip Mother Lin, this princess will not send you off.”  Chen Ning smiled as she gave the order for the guest to leave.  

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