Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: The one she truly liked

King Ding Yuan palace.

“Reporting to your highness.  The horse carriage the Princess Consort is in has left the palace and will arrive at the palace in about an hour.”

Chu Shao Yang was sitting in a chair as his eyes swept over the secret guard kneeling in front of him reporting.  His lips revealed a smile and his eyes lit up, as his heart filled with expectation and excitement.

She was coming back!

She was finally coming back!

Ever since he sent Xiao An Zi into the palace, he knew that she would be back sooner or later, so he already sent the secret guard to watch the outside of the palace for news.  In the end, she really did what he expected.

She really did not wait at all, without even a single day passing.

It seemed like this chess piece he had really had a deep place in her heart.

He would have to make proper use of it.  As long as he held it in his hands, he wouldn’t need to fear her ascending to the heavens!  So what even if she ascended to the heavens, wasn’t she still obediently coming back into his embrace?

Chu Shao Yang narrowed his eyes and a proud smile enveloped his face.

The things that he, Chu Shao Yang wanted, he had never failed to obtain them before!

“Has the Flowing Cloud Pavilion been prepared?”  His brows lifted as the smile filled the corners of his lips.  Even his voice became gentle, unlike his usual cold appearance.

“Reporting to your highness, it…..It has been prepared.  We servants have been keeping it clean every day, waiting for the Princess Consort’s return.”

Chun Tao and Xia He kneeled on the ground without daring to lift their heads, responding in a trembling voice.

Although Chu Shao Yang’s mood today was good and he spoke with a more gentle voice compared to usual, these two girls knew deep down that he was a devil!

The perfect definition of a devil!

“Very good, you will keep cleaning the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  When this king’s princess returns, you need to attentively care for her, not letting her feel the slightest bit of anger.  Also, no one is allowed to say anything unnecessary or this king will cut off your tongues, do you understand?”

The smile on Chu Shao Yang’s face diminished slightly as he looked at the people surrounding him.

Everyone instantly kneeled down, not daring to make a sound.

Chun Tao and Xia He were almost vertical to the ground, trembling because of their fear.

Chu Shao Yang stood up and brush the wrinkles on his robes, doing this with a charming smile on his face.

“Everyone will come and welcome the princess back with this king.  This king wants to give her a large pleasant surprise.”

“Yes, your highness.”

The dusk light was getting strong, slowly filling the carriage.

Chen Ning was sitting in the cart with her eyes slightly closed and a calm expression on her face.

She did not think of Mo Chuan because she didn’t dare think of him.  As long as she thought of him, her heart would ache and she would no longer be able to keep her calm.

The thing she needed most was to remain calm.

She was thinking of Chu Shao Yang right now.

She was calmly analyzing him.  Just what kind of person was he?

What kind of feelings and what state of mind did he have towards her?

The clothes that he had sent into the palace today were all things that she had worn before, but that was not the main point.  The main point was that every item that he had seen her wear had been there!

At that time, wasn’t he filled with hate towards her?  Didn’t he hate her to death?

How could he clearly remember everything she had worn before?

As well as that peach blossom.  It had been nothing more than her teasing him, but he had not forgotten.

Could it be that towards her……When he had not noticed anything, his heart had been moved and it was filled with love?  So was that why he had such a deep impression of everything she had worn and every word that she had said?

Did that mean that the one he really liked wasn’t the original self that saved him eight years ago, but rather the self that transmigrated?

This idea drilled into her mind that made a chill run down her spine!

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