Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: She’s gone

The horse carriage finally stopped.

Chen Ning knew this destination.  She had once again returned to this cage like king’s palace.

She took in a deep breath and stood up.  Since she had made her decision, she would not have any regrets.

The royal palace was not her safe haven and she could not hide in there forever.  She had to face this problem and solve it eventually.

She did not like facing a battle that she did not have control of.  Before she rid herself of the Ding Yuan Princess title, she did not want to face Chu Shao Yang again.

But she had to save Xiao Ru from Chu Shao Yang’s hands.

When she opened the curtain and prepared to exit the horse carriage, she was suddenly stunned.

The horse carriage did not stop at the King Ding Yuan palace’s gates, rather it was stopped in a remote, small alley.

The dark dusk light made the alley very dark, creating a sinister environment.

“Who are you?  Why did you bring the horse carriage here?”

Chen Ning’s eyes fell onto the driver.  He was wearing the clothes of an imperial guard with her back facing her.

When the driver heard this, they slowly turned around.  Their head was pressed down, making their face unseen.

He stood up and slowly walked towards Chen Ning step by step.

For an instant, she thought that the guard was Mo Chuan in disguise.

But it wasn’t!

He was a head shorter than Mo Chuan and his body was also thinner.  The whip it held in one hand was black and thick.

“Stop!”  She reprimanded in a cold voice, but that driver did not care and continued moving towards her.

She couldn’t help moving back until she went back inside the carriage.  Her back hit the cold carriage wall and she could move back no further.

At this moment, the King Ding Yuan palace’s entrance was completely decorated.  There was a row of large red lanterns that could be seen from far away.

Chu Shao Yang was wearing a duck green brocaded long robe, making his figure look tall and straight.  His face was like jade and a spirited look filled his handsome face.

There were many citizens looking from afar, thinking that his highness was welcoming a new bride home.  They could not whispering to each other, talking about this.

“Someone go and see why the princess’ horse carriage isn’t here yet!”

Chu Shao Yang looked down the long street.  He had already waited an incense worth of time, but he didn’t even see the shadow of the horse carriage, making him more and more worried.

“Yes, your highness.”  A dark figure appeared out of thin air and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

The smile on Chu Shao Yang’s face slowly froze.  He turned his eyes towards the direction of the palace and his heart flashed with a trace of anxiety.

Did she suddenly change her mind and not want to come back?

Or did a new problem with the Empress Dowager suddenly appear?

But he suddenly heard the sound of horse hooves and carriage wheels coming closer.  His tense face couldn’t help relaxing as the smile on his lips became wider.

A palace horse carriage came through the night, appearing in his line of sight.

It’s her!  She’s here!

Chu Shao Yang was filled with energy as he walked down the stairs with a smile.  When the horse carriage stopped, he found the driver was the hidden guard that he just sent out.

The hidden guard jumped down from the carriage and kneeled in front of Chu Shao Yang with a look filled with panic.

“Reporting to your highness.  Something bad has happened. The Princess Consort…..is gone!”

“What did you say?”

Chu Shao Yang’s expression changed.  He did not even think as he jumped onto the horse carriage and ripped apart the curtain, seeing that there was not a trace of a human in the cart.

Impossible!  This was impossible!

He had sent the hidden guard to watch her carriage, so how could she be gone!

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