Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: Who is the winner

At this time, the maids had rolled out two snow white pieces of paper and were grinding the ink.

When Xia Yu Yan picked up the pen, she had already thought of four lines, but before putting the pen to paper, she was still refining her poem.

Since the Empress Dowager had said there was no time limit, she would take her time pondering it.

Chen Ning stood in front of the table and picked up the pen before dipping it in the ink.

She heard giggles coming from around her, with the loudest being Liu Wan Ting.

“Princess Consort, your pen is upside down.  Why are you dipping the tip of your pen in ink?  Could the Princess Consort have never learned how to write before?”

Chen Ning calmly looked up and asked back, “This princess likes writing with the tip, is that not allowed?”

Liu Wan Ting was a bit surprised.  Then she covered her lips and said, “The Princess Consort can do whatever she wishes to do.”

“Very good.”

Chen Ning threw away the pen and dipped her finger in the ink, writing her words on the paper.  After a moment passed, she had already finished her poem.

At this moment, Xia Yu Yan also finished her four sentence poem.  Her words were as graceful as she was.

She moved forward and presented her poem to Empress Dowager Zhou.

“This is Yu Yan’s mountain climbing poem, please have a look, Empress Dowager.”

When Empress Dowager Zhou saw the small flower like writing, she already liked it very much.  Looking at the poem she wrote that had a neat structure, but no particular phrase that stood up, yet creating a fresh and graceful outlook, she nodded and said, ‘Good poem, good poem.  You really are the number one talent in the capital.  Emperor, what do you think?”

“Empress Dowager Zhou is too kind.”  Xia Yu Yan’s face turned red as she secretly peeked at Mo Chuan from the corner of her eye.

Mo Chuan just looked over her poem and gave a faint noncommittal “wu” sound.

Xia Yu Yan was filled with disappointment.  She bit her lower lips and glared at Chen Ning.

Empress Dowager Zhou smiled as she handed the poem in her hand to Su Jin, “Miss Xia truly is talent, being able to compose such a good poem.  Go and let everyone take a look, otherwise there will be someone that will blame this widow for being impartial.  Emperor, don’t you think so?”

Mo Chuan gave a snappy snort while his deep, dark eyes stared at Chen Ning.

Xia Yu Yan’s poem was given to everyone present and won all kinds of praise.

Even Wu Yue Er and Liu Wan Ting couldn’t help praising her, but they weren’t convinced deep down.  Especially after seeing Xia Yu Yan’s proud appearance, they were clearly unconvinced.

Isn’t is just a single poem?  We know how to play the zither and paint, can you do that?

The two women silently said, not daring to actually say it.  They were only hoping that the Ding Yuan Princess could make a better poem and squash Xia Yu Yan’s pride.

“Empress Dowager, this is Ning’er’s poem.”

Chen Ning calmly raised her hand, picking up her poem and giving it to the Empress Dowager.

Although she didn’t know how to do calligraphy with a brush, she could write properly with modern era utensils.  So using her index finger to write, the words were full and filled with strength.

If Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan didn’t see her personally write it, they would have thought that someone else wrote it for her.

Especially Mo Chuan.  He couldn’t connect this with the earthworm like Mo character she wrote before, it seemed like it was written by a different person.

Empress Dowager Zhou was a bit surprised by Chen Ning’s words at first.  However, she calmed herself and looked over the poem.  After reading it word by word, she was silent for a bit before finally she slowly nodded.

“This contest, it is the Ding Yuan Princess’ victory.”  She slowly said.

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