Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: A fool that can’t afford to lose

Everyone took in a breath of cold air and everyone’s eyes almost popped out, looking at Chen Ning with disbelief.

“What?  Why is it her victory?  I won’t submit!”

Xia Yu Yan couldn’t help screaming out with anger and hate.  She did not dare fly into a rage in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, so she just angrily glared at Chen Ning.

“Su Jin, read the Ding Yuan Princess’ poem for everyone so everyone can judge it together.”  Empress Dowager Zhou said out loud, completely ignored Xia Yu Yan’s breach of etiquette.

She was filled with disappointment in Xia Yu Yan.  It was a waste for her to have the title of the most talented woman, she was only at this level!

Su Jin cleared her throat.  Everyone raised their ears and held their breaths.

“Up, up, and up again.  Going up even above the hill.”  She fluently read the first two sentences.

“Chi!” With a cold laugh, Xia Yu Yan curled her lips and disdainfully said, “This is called a poem?  This can’t even compare to dog shit!”

As soon as her voice fell, she suddenly felt a cold, electric like gaze fall over her and her body trembled.

Mo Chuan suddenly looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with a serious expression, “Mother, did someone just fart?  Your son seemed to hear the sound of someone farting.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s lip could not help quivering.  She stared at Mo Chuan with a gaze that had a hidden warning.

Mo Chuan completely ignored it, “Xiao Si, go and find out which dog dares to fart.  If it dares fart again, then chase it out for this one.”

Xiao Si held back his laughter as he agreed.

Xia Yu Yan’s face completely turned red.  She lowered head in shame and anger.

When Wu Yue Er and Liu Wan Ting heard the emperor criticize Xia Yu Yan, they did not care about her at all and were filled with joy instead.

Without a strong contender like Xia Yu Yan, they had a greater chance of succeeding today.

“Su Jin, continue reading.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a secret sigh and did not even look at Xia Yu Yan.

She really was a fool that could not afford to lose.  She had really appreciated her in vain!

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin continued to read the final two sentences in a clear voice.

“Raising one’s head over the red sun’s white clouds.  Looking over the thousand miles of land below.”

There was a silence for a bit before clear applause rang out.

Most people could not understand poems in general, but they felt that Chen Ning’s poem was very easy to understand, especially the last two lines.  It was magnificent and spectacular, being much more pleasing to the ear compared to Xia Yu Yan’s poem.

Xia Yu Yan suffered another million hits.  She no longer had the same arrogance from before, but lowered her head like the losing fighting chicken.

Liu Wan Ting clapped her hand and praised, “The princess’ poem is truly great.  Those two final sentences were truly magnificent, suddenly creating a new peak.  It is much better compared to big sister Xia’s poem, don’t you think so, big sister Wu?”

Wu Yue Er pursed her lips into a smile and said, “This is natural.”

Xia Yu Yan suddenly looked up, glaring at the two of them.

She did not hate Chen Ning because she really was inferior to her, however towards Liu Wan Ting and Wu Yue Er adding insult to injury, she was filled with hate.

“Princess Consort, you have composed a magnificent mountain climbing poem, Yu Yan is truly inferior.  Your talent is a hundred times greater than mine.  Yu Yan wishes to ask the Princess Consort to teach me about composing poems and hope that the Princess Consort will give me more pointers.”

Xia Yu Yan walked in front of Chen Ning and gave a convinced bow.

These words were very graceful and completely went against everyone’s expectations.  Their thoughts on her tolerance were increased.

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