Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Tool for murder

Chen Ning shook her head and said, “This isn’t right, only breathing the Spring Jade for a long time will slowly poison someone, however this is also a medicinal herb.  It can refresh one’s mind and give them energy.  Only sender gave this flower without explaining its characteristics, using it as a tool for murder.  The person that send this flower is the one that should be punished!  It was a good thing the Empress Dowager was vigilant.  After using curing the poison with the flower root water, her body should be fine.”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help looking at her, “You were secretly listening to our conversation?”

Otherwise how could she guess what they said!

He had used his internal energy to scan the area and there was no one around.  She did not have martial arts and if she was eavesdropping, how could he not notice her.

“Isn’t this an obvious thing, why do I need to eavesdrop?  But I really don’t know anything.  I don’t know who sent the flower to harm the Empress Dowager.  For this kind of secret matter, the more I know, the earlier I’ll lose my head.”  Chen Ning smiled and stuck out her tongue.

“You have saved this widow, so you can temporarily keep your head.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s sound came from the room.

After a single bowel movement, her entire face became more crisp.  Even without a doctor checking on her, she knew that bowl of root water was indeed detoxification medicine.

Her feelings towards Chen Ning were very complicated right now.  Although she didn’t appreciate her, she at least didn’t hate and reject her like before.

“Mother, your face is much better now.  Your son was truly worried earlier.”

Mo Chuan saw that black circles under Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes disappeared and her slightly yellow face was now much more red, which filled his heart with joy.

“Un.”  Empress Dowager Zhou nodded at Chen Ning, “Young miss Chen, this widow is a person that knows how to show proper favour.  You have saved this widow, so what do you want as a reward?”

Mo Chuan suddenly thought of something, but as soon as he went to talk, Empress Dowager Zhou coldly stared at him.

“As for your wishful thinking, you better not mention it.  This widow will not agree even if you do mention it.  Young miss Chen, you are an intelligent person, tell me, what do you want?”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face was expressionless as she looked at Chen Ning with a pair of cold eyes.

Chen Ning bit her lips.  She wanted to say that she wanted nothing.

She did not want any reward, she just wanted a letter of separation.

But the words Empress Dowager said before made it impossible for her to say.

She looked over and bowed down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, “This minister’s concubine will be bold and give a request.  If the Empress Dowager agrees, then let this be this minister concubine’s reward.”

“Then say it.”  Empress Dowager Zhou casually replied.

“This minister’s concubine wishes to remain in the temple and copy scriptures for the Empress Dowager.  Is the Empress Dowager willing to grant this minister’s concubine’s request?”

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan were shocked.

Empress Dowager Zhou frowned and said, “You want to keep copying scriptures for this widow?”

She found that she couldn’t see through this young girl.  She wouldn’t be thinking of staying in her Peaceful Life Palace and seeing the emperor everyday, right?

Humph, wishful thinking!

“You’re willing to never leave the temple?”

“This minister’s concubine is willing.”  Chen Ning replied without any hesitation.

“Since it’s like this, then you can stay.  Leave first, this widow has something to discuss with the Emperor.”  Empress Dowager Zhou lightly waved her hand.

Chen Ning did not look over at Mo Chuan.  She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou was suspecting that she was using this to improve her relation with Mo Chuan, so she had to keep her distance from him.

With the Empress Dowager’s personal promise, she could safely remain here and never needed to see that bastard Chu Shao Yang.

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