Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Empress Dowager expelling the poison

“I dare use my head as a guarantee, I just don’t know if the Empress Dowager dares to drink it.”  Chen Ning said with a faint smile.

“Audacious!”  How could Empress Dowager Zhou not know that they were acting, but she still couldn’t help being provoked.  She said in a deep voice, “Ding Yuan Princess, go and make the medicine for this widow right now.  This widow will drink it for you!”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”

Chen Ning let out a sigh.  She took the Spring Jade as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou still did not trust her and that’s why she deliberately sent her away.

She did not want to fall into these turbid waters and was happy not knowing.

Very quickly, she boiled a pot of medicine from the Spring Jade root in the small room next door.  The water was a deep purple colour and had a strong stench to it.

Chen Ning waited for a while and when she estimated that the mother and son were finished with their secret matters, she took the bowl of medicine into the Empress Dowager’s room.

As soon as she came to the door, it was opened from the inside.

“Is the medicine done?”  Mo Chuan very naturally took the bowl of medicine from her and looked at her cheeks which turned red from the stoves, “It’s been hard on you.”

Chen Ning did not even have time to respond before Empress Dowager Zhou gave a dissatisfied click of her tongue.

“Emperor, is it really that hard to boil medicine for this widow?  When this widow gave birth to you, why didn’t you ask this widow if it was hard or not?”

Chen Ning couldn’t help curling her lips as she lowered her head.

She found that Empress Dowager Zhou was not terrifying at all, rather she was quite interesting.

Her words for her son were very harsh and her face was filled with anger, but her eyes were very warm.  It was the warm love that a mother had for her son, one that would move her for an entire lifetime.

“Mo Chuan smiled as he lifted the bowl of medicine to Empress Dowager Zhou’s lips.

“Your son will feed mother her medicine.”

“Humph, how could I dare cause trouble for the emperor.  This widow will drink it myself!”  Empress Dowager Zhou picked up the bowl of medicine and drank it in one breath.

She put the bowl down to the side and coldly looked at Mo Chuan.

“If this widow is poisoned to death, then you can do whatever you want, isn’t that right?  Emperor, you….”

She suddenly wanted to rebuke Mo Chuan a few times, but her brows tightly knit and she revealed a look of pain.

“Mother, what’s wrong?”  Mo Chuan revealed a nervous expression.  Although he did not believe that Chen Ning would hurt Empress Dowager Zhou, he was still worried after seeing Empress Dowager Zhou’s look of discomfort.

“This widow…..This widow feels a little discomfort.  Emperor, go out, all of you go out.”

Empress Dowager Zhou waved her hand and her previously white face turned a bit red.

Mo Chuan was even more nervous, “Your son will immediately send you to the doctors.”

Empress Dowager Zhou did not say anything else as the sweat on her head almost fell down.  She quickly stood up and rushed into the washroom to the side, not even using her crutches.

“We’ll go outside and wait.”

Chen Ning of course knew why Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression became awkward and she quickly left.  She pulled Mo Chuan’s sleeve and the two of them walked out of the room.

“Ning’er, nothing will happen to mother, right?”

“Wu, it should be fine.  The Empress Dowager should be expelling the poison right now.”  Chen Ning vaguely replied.

“Expelling the poison?”  Mo Chuan was stunned, but he suddenly understood what this meant.  His lips moved and he almost couldn’t hold back his joy.

He gave a cough and hid his smile before saying in a serious voice, “Ning’er, thank you for saving my mother.  How do you know all these strange things?  The Spring Jade being able to poison people, even this one has never seen or heard of this.  This kind of poisonous flower, it should be eliminated as soon as possible, not letting a single one remain in this world.”

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