Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: One will suffer indignities from losing their position

“Alright, this king will just wait here.  When the palace opens, this king will pay his respects to the Empress Dowager!”

He angrily sat down on the steps, not fitting the image of a king at all.

The guard helplessly said, “The rules of the palace say that no one without orders can remain at the palace gates.  If your highness wants to pay respects to the Empress Dowager, can you wait somewhere else first?”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly thought of a place and said with a cold laugh, “Alright, since I can’t enter the inner city, then can this king stay in the outer city?”

“Of course, please go ahead your highness.”

Chu Shao Yang moved off in a direction with large steps.

Chen Bi Yun, it is all because of a cheap woman like you.  You caused this king to lose his beloved woman and now this king will slowly take back what you owe this king from you!

Cold Palace, it was built in a remote corner outside the imperial palace’s inner city.

No one approached it today and once night came, it became even more sinister.

Chen Bi Yun was placed inside a side palace with two servants by her side to serve her.

In name they served her, but they were actually watching her because the emperor had ordered that she could not die no matter what and that included the child in her stomach.

The doctor had just taken her pulse.  There was a maid concocting anti miscarriage medicine while the other maid was was standing by her bed, feeding her.

Chen Bi Yun had no appetite at all.  Her eyes were completely swollen red and her tears had already run dry.  She only ate a few bites before shaking her head and not eating anymore.

“Concubine Consort Chen, you should eat this entire bowl of rice and stop making it hard for this servant.”  The maid coldly said.

Chen Bi Yun flew into a rage and raised her hand to slap down the bowl.  She angrily said, “You cheap woman, you dare to speak to this concubine consort with this kind of tone?”

That maid curled her lips and said with disdain, “It sounds good if you call yourself a Concubine Consort, but you really are just a concubine.  What are you counting on your Concubine Consort position for, do you think this is the King Ding Yuan palace?  Or do you consider yourself his Princess Consort?”

“You…..You…..This Concubine Consort will slap your cheap mouth!”  Chen Bi Yun’s eyes turned white with rage and threw a pillow at her.

The maid moved to the side and grabbed Chen Bi Yun’s wrist.  She impolitely said, “Concubine Consort Chen, if you don’t eat your meal, then this servant will have to bind you up and force you to eat.  Don’t blame this servant for not reminding you of this.”

Chen Bi Yun just stared at her.  Seeing this aggressive maid, she shrunk back onto her bed in fear.

She never thought that one day she would suffer indignities from losing her position.

The maid picked up the empty bowl and put the rice that fell onto the ground back in.  Using the spoon to take some, she continued to bring it to Chen Bi Yun’s mouth.

“This meal is dirty, I won’t eat it!”  Chen Bi Yun was stunned for a while before angrily turning her head.

“It just touched a bit of dirt, it’s not like it’s poisoned.  If the Concubine Consort will not eat, then this servant will force feed it to you.”  The maid coldly said.

Chen Bi Yun’s face instantly turned red and her chest filled with anger.  She wanted to curse at them, but remembering that this was the Cold Palace and not her territory, what qualifications did she have to act rampant here?

“This elder sister, can I trouble you for another bowl of rice.  This….I really can’t eat this bowl of rice.”  She spoke in a soft tone.

A good person did not care about their immediate losses.  She would bear with it and after she gave birth to her child, proving its lineage with a blood test, humph, humph!  The humiliation that she suffered today, she would repay them all ten times over!

“There isn’t any.  Even if you can’t eat it, you still have to eat it.”

The maid directly placed the spoonful of rice mixed with dirt into her mouth.

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