Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 395

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Chapter 395: Helping her son steal his woman

“Ning’er, this king will keep his words and won’t lay a single finger on you.  This king’s heart has remained the same and this king will slowly prove it to you.”

He said this as he jumped out of the carriage.


Chen Ning spat out once before putting away the hairpin.  She suddenly heard the sounds of a horse running, as if it was coming right to her carriage.

Chu Shao Yang looked up and couldn’t help being a little surprised.

The armour that these people wore was actually from the imperial guards.  They appeared as quickly as the wind and immediately surrounded the carriage.

“This subordinate is here to deliver the Empress Dowager’s orders and to summon the Ding Yuan Princess into the palace to see her.”

The guards cupped their hands towards Chu Shao Yang from their horses as they spoke without any emotions on their face.

“Why is the Empress Dowager summoning this king’s princess into the palace?”  Chu Shao Yang slightly knit his brows and was filled with doubts.

“This subordinate does not know.  This subordinate is only following orders.”

The imperial guard commander said in a calm manner before waving his hand.

A black armoured imperial guard jumped onto the cart and took the whip from the horse groom before kicking him off.  Then he guided the carriage, driving it toward the palace.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned as he watched the imperial guard drive the car away.  It slowly became smaller and soon disappeared from his sight.

After a long while, he finally came back to his senses.  He angrily jumped onto the back of a horse and chased in the direction the horse carriage headed off in.

Damn, the Empress Dowager wouldn’t be getting confused with age and wanted to help her son steal his woman right!

Both the man and horse were stopped at the entrance of the palace.

“Why are you not allowing this king into the palace?  This king is King Ding Yuan, this king even has a palace entry token granted by the emperor!”  He angrily roared.

“Please calm yourself your highness, this servant is just doing my duty.  Can your highness take out your token and wait for it to be inspected?  Naturally your highness will be allowed into the palace.”  The guard at the door said with a secret smile.

Chu Shao Yang almost felt his lungs explode from anger from this and he almost swore right at him.

When did he ever need to show his token to enter the palace?

His face was the token itself!

In the past, as long as the guards saw him, the would bow down from afar as they opened the palace doors.  However, they were being this unreasonable today.

“Alright, this king will show you my token, you better open your dog eyes!”

He reached out to grab his token, but he grabbed nothing.

He had been invited to the palace for the banquet, so why would he bring an useless token with him?

“If your highness does not have a token, then this servant can only follow the palace rules.  I ask your highness to forgive me.”  The guard revealed a smile, but his hand fell down onto the sword at his waist.

“Alright, this king will go back and get the token.  You just wait for this king!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid as he angrily hit the horse to leave.

When he brought the token, he still couldn’t enter into the imperial palace.

The excuse he got this time was, “It’s getting late and the palace has been closed down, no one is allowed to enter or leave.”

Chu Shao Yang almost broke his teeth from gritting them and he angrily roared, “But this king’s princess is inside!  The Empress Dowager wouldn’t want this king’s to stay in the palace overnight, right?”

“About this, this servant doesn’t know.  Since the princess has been called to the palace by the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager wants her to stay overnight, then it means that she has obtained the Empress Dowager’s blessings.  This is something that others wish for, so your highness should not be worried.  This servant should be congratulating your highness instead.”  That guard revealed a smile.

Fuck your congratulations!

Chu Shao Yang cursed in his stomach, but he was helpless since the door would not open.  He could not charge his way in since that was a crime with a punishment of beheading.

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