Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: Picking the most fragrant and beautiful flower

Chen Ning’s fingers unconsciously twitched, but her expression was calm, “He was a wanderer of Jianghu, how could he stay as a guard by my side?  If he wants to leave, he’ll leave.  If he wants to stay, he’ll stay.  What, do you want to take revenge?”

Chu Shao Yang’s left hand in his sleeve unconsciously clenched.  He did not miss the gentle tremble she made earlier.

He, he, he had actually guessed it.

“It would be best if he never comes back after leaving, otherwise this king will never let him go.”  His face turned dark and his eyes turned cold.  There was a sharp light that flashed in his eyes, but when he looked up, that light disappeared.

“Chu Shao Yang, if you don’t let go, then do you want to bleed to death?”  Chen Ning felt her hand becoming warmer and wetter.  The cloth had already been dyed red, but Chu Shao Yang still forcefully held on and the blood continued to flow from his wound.

“If this king’s blood can be exchanged for a single tear from you, even if I bleed to death, this king would be willing.”  Chu Shao Yang gave a faint smile before finally slowly letting go.  

Chen Ning bit her lips, “Do you have any ointment?”

“No.”  Chu Shao Yang did not care as he took a pot of wine and poured it onto his right palm, mixing the blood with the wine.

Painful?  It was not painful at all.

He smiled as he used his teeth to tear off a bit of his clothes and then bound his palm up.

He did not want to let her see this kind of terrible wound.

Almost no one in the hall paid attention to this scene, but even if Mo Chuan did not want to see it, the corner of his eyes had been paying attention to that direction the whole time.

He was a little absent minded, not even hearing what Empress Dowager Zhou asked him.

“Emperor, emperor?”  Empress Dowager Zhou called him twice, revealing a look of surprise.  

She had personally given birth to the emperor.  From the moment she stepped into the banquet hall, she felt that there was something strange with him.

He kept giving her more food and talked with her, looking like he was caring for his mother, but she was the one that understood her son the most.  He was aloof and arrogant, even to his biological mother, he had never said as much as he did today.

Were Xiao Si’s words right and the emperor’s heart had really been moved?

After Empress Dowager Zhou arrived, she continued to observe Mo Chuan and found several strange things with him.

It was clear that he was absent minded, continuously looking down into the hall.

What was down in the hall?  Naturally there were charming and beautiful young girls that were like flowers.

Empress Dowager Zhou pursed her lips into a smile, remembering why she came here today.

“Mother, why did you come to see your son?”  Mo Chuan returned to his senses.

“This old widow’s eyes are going bad.  The flowers are in full bloom today, but this widow cannot see which flower is the most beautiful.  Emperor, how about you help this widow pick out the most beautiful and fragrant flower?”  Empress Dowager Zhou said with a bright smile.

“Reporting to mother, your son never liked flowers and cannot tell which flower is the most beautiful.”  Mo Chuan was very clear, instantly understanding what Empress Dowager Zhou meant and directly rejecting her.

The Empress Dowager was not annoyed and looked down at the girls with narrowed eyes.  She saw all kinds of beautiful women, each with their own kind of beauty.

She said with a faint smile, “Everyone’s daughters are rarely in this palace, so this widow has prepared a present for everyone’s daughters.  Chun Xi, bring out this widow’s present for everyone’s daughters.”

The maid standing beside her instantly replied and took out a tray that had a few dozen bright phoenix hairpins lying on it.

Everyone on the scene revealed a knowing smile.  They knew Empress Dowager Zhou’s meaning which was to pick a wife for the emperor.

The hearts of the young girls began to beat fast.  They moment they had been waiting for was finally here.

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