Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: This king is not a fool

With a crisp “ka” sound, the wine cup in his hand suddenly broke.

He unknowingly used his strength and shattered the cup.  The broken porcelain glass cut into his palm and fresh blood dripped down his long, slender fingers.

Was it painful?  No!

Compared to the giant fear that filled his heart, he felt no pain at all.

“Shao Yang, what’s wrong?”

Although the eldest princess and Ye Ting Xuan were having a drinking contest, they still noticed that he had shattered the cup and his hand was bleeding.

“Nothing.  This cup’s quality was too bad and I broke it without using any strength.”

Chu Shao Yang opened his palm and placed his hand in front of Chen Ning with a faint smile, “Ning’er, can you help me wrap it up?”

While there was a smile on his face, it did not reach his eyes.

Shortly after his hand had started bleeding, Chen Bi Yun immediately noticed it.  She felt even more pain from it than the pain he felt from it.

But her?

Only after he had placed his bleeding hand in front of her did she finally look up.  Seeing his bleeding hand, she still had an indifferent look on her face.

Why was it that seeing him in pain and bleeding that she didn’t feel any pain at all?

Chu Shao Yang instantly stared right at her.

“I’ll be using the alcohol to clean your wounds, it might hurt a little bit.”

Chen Ning had the same expression as usual with her long lashes fanning over her eyes, covering them from sight.  He could not see through her thoughts at all.

She first picked out the broken pieces of porcelain from his palm, moving very gently.  Then she dipped a cloth into the wine and wiped the blood from the wound.

The wine falling onto the wound brought a burning sensation with it.

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help feeling a burst of sweetness in his heart.  With her gentle motions and focused eyes, how could his heart not fill with a sweet feeling.

He couldn’t help revealing a smile.

The eldest princess saw this and thought in her heart, “This brat’s wound is so deep and long, and alcohol was poured on it, just how painful is that!  However, he’s still able to smile?”

Was he a fool?

She looked over and saw that Chu Shao Yang was staring right at Chen Ning’s face. It was then that she finally realized why Chu Shao Yang was smiling like that.

“Yo, I really hope that they can be like us, being perfectly in harmony.”

She looked over at Ye Ting Xuan and gave a solemn sigh before downing her cup.

Chen Ning’s fingers working on the bandage trembled, but then she finished as if nothing had happened and said, “Alright, you won’t bleed anymore.  Drink less wine and eat less spicy foods and your wound will heal faster.”

Chu Shao Yang’s hand turned around and before she could take her hand back, he tightly grabbed her.

“Ning’er, you still care about me, right?” His eyes were filled with warmth and anticipation.

“Chu Shao Yang, let go.  In front of this crowd, don’t grab onto me.”

She forcefully pulled back, but he would not let go.  He did not care if the bandages came loose and blood began to flow, dying her hand red.

“You are this king’s princess and this king only held your hand.  Even if the emperor saw this, he cannot say a single thing.”

Without knowing why, when Chen Ning heard him say the word “emperor”, his voice became a little heavy.

She quietly let him hold her hand, looking up at him.  Those clear eyes made her heart skip a beat.

“Ning’er, this king is not a fool, this king is smarter than you think he is.  There are some things that this king does not say, but that does not mean that this king does not know about them.”

Chu Shao Yang looked down and his lips formed a vague smile, “It seems like that black clothed guard by your side has disappeared, right?”

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