Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Exposing him and slapping his face

The smile on Chu Shao Yang’s face froze and he quickly looked up, staring at the emperor.  He saw an emotionless face on the emperor and he couldn’t see through him at all.

Chen Ning took a deep breath and forced down the anger that was about to explode.

She already knew that Chu Shao Yang was not easy to deal with and she had been right.

“Alright, since you want a reason, I’ll give you a reason!”

Chen Ning continued to stare at Chu Shao Yang with a cold eyes that made him lose his composure.

“The first reason!  On the night of our wedding, I was poisoned by someone and fell unconscious, but you completely ignored me.  Not only did you not send for a doctor, you sent me to a wooden shed to fend for myself.  If it wasn’t for chance, then I, Chen Ning would have already left this world.  The second reason!  You and I had a marriage agreement, but before even finishing this agreement, you went on to have fun with Chen Bi Yun, even getting her pregnant.  After being married for just three days with my life and death being uncertain, you took her as a concubine!  The third reason!  After Chen Bi Yun came into the palace, she continuously tried to harm me.  I was almost trampled by a horse, I almost drowned, and I was almost blown up by explosives!  However, you turned a blind eye to everything, letting Chen Bi Yun harm me again and again!  Chu Shao Yang, are these three reasons enough for you!”

Anger filled her chest as the words flowed out like water.  It was like ice shattering against stone as hearing this made everyone in the hall stunned.

Even including Chu Shao Yang.

The smile on his face disappeared, being replaced with a pale look.  His eyes were dark, but his lips were tightly shut, not saying a single word.

Chen Ning raised her chin at him, looking at him with a stubborn gaze as she gave a cold laugh in her heart.

Since he didn’t want any face, she would expose his wrongs and slap his face!

The crowd in the hall began to whisper with one another.

“I never thought that King Ding Yuan would be so heartless and shameless!”

“Pei, what king.  He’s treating his own wife worse than a beggar on the street!”

“It’s a waste for him to have a good face because his heart is so ugly!”

“He’s not anything and his concubine is even worse!”

No one dared to speak loudly out of offending the emperor, but even with small voices still reached Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

Chen Bi Yun was wearing a veil, but feeling everyone’s gaze falling on her like arrows, it penetrated through her veil.  Her face turned warm as she wished she could bury herself under the table.

The eldest princess’ almond eyes went wide as she became angrier the more she heard.  When Chen Ning finished, she pulled out her sword and cursed through gritted teeth.

“Stinky brat, Ning’er is your legal wife, but you actually dared to do so many shameless things to her!  Do you even deserve her!  Are you even a man!  This princess will first kill you heartless fellow before killing that evil hearted concubine of yours!”

She charged at Chu Shao Yang, but Ye Ting Xuan quickly grabbed her, “Please calm yourself princess.  The emperor has his own decision pertaining to this.”

The eldest princess forcefully swung down her sword while panting.  She looked over right at Mo Chuan.

“Royal brother, this brat Chu Shao Yang isn’t anything!  He has wronged his princess, he is not worthy of Ning’er!  I ask the emperor to give the order and let the separate!”

Mo Chuan forcefully gripped the armrest of his throne and his knuckles popped out as he tried to restrain his anger.

His deep, dark eyes looked right at Chu Shao Yang.  There were hidden waves in his eyes, but his voice was completely calm.

“King Ding Yuan, when this one bestowed this wedding with young miss Chen to you, what did you promise?”

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