Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Interesting, truly interesting

Everyone in the hall held their breaths, looking at the young emperor sitting high atop his throne.

The emperor’s face was very calm.  Hearing this kind of shocking news, his face made no changes at all.  His voice was indifferent as he slowly said.

“Miss Chen, have you thought about this clearly?”

“I have thought it through.  I ask for the emperor’s permission.”  Chen Ning gave a clear cut answer.

“Alright, since it’s like this, then this one will allow your separation.  Xiao Si, prepare the ink for me to write a decree!”  Mo Chuan slowly said.

What, what, what kind of situation was this?

No one could believe their ears.

The emperor had actually agreed?  He had agreed!

There was no questioning, no blaming, and no anger.  He did not even ask for a reason for the separation!

Ze, ze, the emperor’s decisive manner was truly getting worse.

“Many thanks…..”

Chen Ning did not get to say the word “emperor” before hearing someone call out from the side.

“Wait a minute!”

It was Chu Shao Yang!

Chen Ning revealed a slight frown.  She knew that he would not just do nothing.

Everyone looked over at Chu Shao Yang.

In front of everyone, he calmly stood up and walked beside Chen Ning.  Giving a deep bow to Mo Chuan, he then began to speak.

“Emperor, if Miss Chen wants to separate with this minister, then why does the emperor not ask for this minister’s opinion before writing the decree so easily?”

His question was quite logical, making Mo Chuan stunned and unable to reply to his question.

There was a brief silence in the hall.

Mo Chuan’s eyes slightly looked down as his dark eyes stared at Chu Shao Yang, like he wanted to see through his mind.

“King Ding Yuan, what is your opinion on this?”  His voice was very calm, but there was a storm hidden within.

Chu Shao Yang pretended like he did not hear the emperor’s anger at all.  He acted like nothing was wrong as he raised his brows and looked over everyone in the hall, before slowly saying.

“This minister’s opinion is of course…..”

He deliberately paused as he looked at Chen Ning’s face, slowly curling his lips.

“I don’t agree!”

“Chu Shao Yang!”

Chen Ning really wanted to slap that disgusting smile off his face.  She gritted her teeth and said, “I never thought that the prestigious King Ding Yuan would go back on his words!  The words you said in the past, are you just…..letting it go now!”

Chu Shao Yang gave an indifferent smile as he calmly said, “This king will always keep his words, but this king never promised you anything.  This king only said that I would help you enter the palace, so you could ask for this separation.  This king never said a single word about agreeing, right?”


Faced with this illogical Chu Shao Yang, Chen Ning almost went mad with anger.

How could this man be this shameless!

“However…..If you can give a reason that will convince this king, perhaps this king will agree to this separation.”  Chu Shao Yang words suddenly took a different tone.

When he saw Chen Ning’s face turn red with anger, he felt that she was even more charming.  His mood brightened as he revealed a smile, not feeling like this was shameful at all.

“Miss Chen, you can just say with you want.  As long as you say something logical, this one will permit your separation.”

Mo Chuan suddenly spoke out again.  His voice was very clear and it rang through the entire hall.

Everyone’s chin fell down as they looked at each other in blank dismay.

From the emperor’s words, wasn’t he on the side of the princess?

This was truly strange.

The one that asked for this separation was the princess, the king was his blood related nephew, and he was the one that had personally approved this marriage.

Now that the princess wanted to separate from the king, this was simply a slap to the emperor’s face.  However, he wasn’t mad at all, but rather……

Interesting, this was truly interesting.

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