Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: He only had her in his eyes

He looked up in time to lock gazes with the emperor.

He was startled.  He did not think that the emperor would care about his family’s matters.

His lips curled into a cold smile and he looked aside, staring right at her.

“Why did you change your dress?”  He suddenly noticed that she wasn’t wearing the same dress when she came into the palace and his eyes suddenly turned sharp.

“Meeting him for the first time, I was too nervous that I accidentally knocked over a bottle of ink onto my dress.”  Chen Ning said without any facial changes.

She did not want Chu Shao Yang to grab onto anything.  Although she had done nothing with Mo Chuan, she didn’t know what Chu Shao Yang’s dirty mind would think!

What would happen if he refused the separation?

“Really?”  He stared into her eyes.

“It’s fake.”  She replied with without even blinking.

It was strange.  Looking into her calm eyes, he actually believed her and did not pursue the matter.

“The time is auspicious, so the flower banquet will now begin!”  A eunuch suddenly called out.

The main hall instantly became quiet.

Everyone held their breaths as they stared at the emperor on the royal throne.

At this time every year, the emperor would always say a few words before the banquet began.

But today, after waiting for a while, the emperor still did not say a single word.

His eyes deep in thought suddenly looked over in a direction.  Everyone couldn’t help following his line of sight and found that the emperor was looking in the direction of King Ding Yuan.

It’s coming, it’s coming!

The good play was about to begin!

These days the rumours of King Ding Yuan and his ugly monster princess were about to separate had already spread and everyone in the hall knew about this.

A large tree attracted wind and King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang was too remarkable.  The ministers had high positions and they wanted him to suffer in front of everyone, wishing to see him make a fool of himself.

They were waiting for the beginning of the play with great interest.

“Yi?  Is there something wrong with my eyes?  I’m actually seeing King Ding Yuan peel fruits for his princess?”

“It seems like my eyes are going bad too.  What is going on?”

Everyone was clearly shocked by the scene they had just seen.

No only did they see the arrogant Chu Shao Yang peel lychees for his princess, they also saw him smile to his princess instead of giving her the cold look that he usually gave her.

“Chu Shao Yang, stop playing your tricks.”  Chen Ning pushed aside the lychees Chu Shao Yang placed in front of her.  She knit her brows and looked at him.

He was clearly trying to make them seem intimate and she was clear on why he was doing this.

Chu Shao Yang raised his brows and said in an uncaring manner, “If you don’t like lychees, then why doesn’t this king cut a pear for you?  This snow pear is sweet and crisp, you will love it.”

He picked up a snow pear and calmly began to peel it.

He was very calm.  In his eyes, there was only Chen Ning.  It was like he did not care about the fact that everyone was looking at his table.

The emperor Mo Chuan’s eyes had sunk so much that it was about to fall out.

“Chu Shao Yang, what is your meaning you stinky brat!”

The eldest princess had watched him for a long time and endured for a long time.  Finally her fiery disposition couldn’t accept it anymore and she slapped the table as she stood up.

“Royal aunt, this king is peeling pears for my princess.  If royal aunt wants to eat some, then you can ask husband Ye to do it for you.  This king will only cut pears for Ning’er to eat.”

When Chu Shao Yang said this, the hall filled with a “hua” sound.  The sounds of discussion began once again because of this.

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