Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Unable to see through

When Chen Bi Yun saw Chen Ning’s face, her face turned pale without a drop of blood.  She did not even care about the fact that her fingernail was almost deep enough in her palm to make blood flow.

Cheap woman!  Cheap woman!  Cheap woman!

She knew that this cheap person would not let her go.  Naturally, once she appeared, his highness’ would not look away from her face!

Her seat was on the right side of Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning sat on the left side of Chu Shao Yang.  Chen Bi Yun eyes filled with hate stared right at Chen Ning, wishing she could burn two holes into her face.

Chen Ning suddenly looked over and gave Chen Bi Yun a faint smile, giving her a soft greeting.  It was like she had just seen her.

“Why is little sister staring at me like this?  Elder sister wants to congratulate you in advance, you will soon receive what you wish for.”  She said with a smile.

Chen Bi Yun’s body trembled and her heart began to beat fast, “What did you say?”

“You will soon know what I’m talking about.”

Chen Ning was too lazy to care anymore about her.  If it wasn’t for her staring at her face like a hungry wolf, then she wouldn’t have even bothered to say this.

She looked at the pile of peeled loquat in front of Chu Shao Yang revealing its glistening yellow flesh.  Without any hesitation, she picked one up and placed it in her mouth.

The sweet and sour taste was delicious, so she took another one.

“I peeled those for his highness.”  Chen Bi Yun angrily said.

“There’s no harm, as long as she likes them.”  Chu Shao Yang placed the loquats in front of Chen Ning, “Do you like eating lychees?  This king will peel them for you.”

Yi, yi, yi!  Was the sun rising from the west?

Chen Ning looked at Chu Shao Yang with a gaze of surprise and then looked at the direction of the sun outside.

Then she understood something.  She touched her cheeks and gave an emotional sigh, “In this era, one really depended on one’s face.”

He had just seen her face, but Chu Shao Yang’s attitude took an one hundred and eighty degree turn.

Wait a minute!

This womanizer wouldn’t be unwilling to separate because of her face, right?

“Chu Shao Yang, you keep your words right?”  She ignored the peeled lychee and looked at him with a gaze filled with doubt.

“This king has said many things, which one are you talking about?”  Chu Shao Yang continued peeling the lychee as if nothing was wrong.

His long and slender fingers had only held weapons before, never doing something like peeling fruit, but he continued to work hard to peel it.  It was like he was in a good mood.

This is wrong!

Chen Ning felt that this was very wrong.  Suddenly she couldn’t see through Chu Shao Yang at all.

She had thought that after he had seen her face, he would be furious, grinding his teeth in anger, and his eyes would be filled with rage……

But there was none of that!

His entire person was like melting ice turning into spring rain.  Even the corners of his eyes had turned gentle.

He was even peeling fruits for her!

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes turned red with anger.

No matter how good his highness was to her, he had never peeled any fruits for her before!

She really wanted to scratch her nails over Chen Ning’s face, ruining that enchanting face.

But in front of Chu Shao Yang, she could only bear, bear, bear with it…..

Because the words that Chen Ning said, her head suddenly jumped into her throat.

“Chu Shao Yang, you said that if I asked the emperor to give a decree for separation, you would agree with it.”

Chen Ning knit her brows.  Seeing that Chu Shao Yang was a different person and began to regret that she had taken off her veil too early.

What if he really changed his mind!

“If you say it like this, then you have already asked the emperor for about this?  Did the emperor agree?”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly looked up, looking at the emperor sitting on the throne.

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