Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: The most important thing was that it was her

“What?  This beautiful miss is the King Ding Yuan princess?”

“Impossible!  The King Ding Yuan princess is clearly an ugly monster!”

“Then who is this girl?”

“It couldn’t be that King Ding Yuan has fallen for her beauty and brought her here to be his princess, right?”

The various ministers began to discuss with one another and the young miss’ of the large families let out a sigh of relief.  Most of their enmity towards Chen Ning had disappeared.

She was the King Ding Yuan princess, then she wouldn’t be their rivals today.

The emperor’s eyes sank.  It fell onto Chu Shao Yang grabbing Chen Ning’s right hand and his lips tightly pursed together.

For the first time in his life, he was feeling jealousy.

“You, you, you, what are you saying?  She, she, she is the King Ding Yuan princess?”  Xiao Si stuttered out, almost biting off his tongue.

His chin fell down and his mind could not function.

How could she be the King Ding Yuan princess!  She was clearly the girl the emperor liked!  Not long ago, the emperor had been with this girl in the royal study……

Im, impossible!

Chu Shao Yang did not take another glance at him and gave a cold snort.  He grabbed Chen Ning’s wrist and looked down at her face without a veil covering it, making his heart skip a beat.

The face that he had seen in his dreams countless times had finally clearly appeared in front of him.

This was not a dream or an illusion!

She was real!

He tightly gritted his teeth.  Her wrist had turned white because of his forceful grip and he saw that her brows had knit together.

What?  She could also feel pain?  But did she know how much pain she caused to his heart!

It was one thousand, no ten thousand times the pain she had ever felt!

“Chen Ning, it’s you, it’s really you.”  His words were slowly spat out, with each word being filled with an unforgettable pain.

“Chu Shao Yang, you’re hurting me.”  She knit her brows and tried to break free of his grip, but he gripped tighter.

Did he need to be this surprised seeing her face?  It wasn’t like she looked like a beast!

“I only gave you two thunderbolt eggs.  If you want to take revenge, then just wait a bit.  Can you first return to your seat and not cause a joke in front of everyone?  Of course if you don’t care, then I won’t care either.”

She casually turned around, not looking at his eyes that wanted to swallow someone.

Thunderbolt eggs?  What thunderbolt eggs?

Chu Shao Yang was stunned for a bit before finally realizing what she meant by thunderbolt eggs.

He, he, she thought he was doing this because of that?  That was not important at all.  To him, that was not important at all.

The most important thing that it was her!

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes looked around and saw that he and Chen Ning was the center of attention.  His eyes suddenly froze as he met the young emperor’s deep eyes’ line of sight.

Although the emperor had no expressions on his face, Chu Shao Yang’s heart still turned cold.  It was clear that there was a vague thing inside of his eyes.

He was not in the mood to guess the emperor’s thoughts, right now he was completely focused on Chen Ning.

“Come over here with this king.”

He pulled her back to his seat.

The main hall was silent for a bit, but quickly everyone looked away from them, as if the scene they caused had not occurred at all.

That’s right, it had happened in front of everyone, but this was the matters of the King Ding Yuan’s family.

Their interested eyes occasionally drifted towards Chu Shao Yang’s seat, waiting for the good play that was about to follow.

The eldest princess’ seat was right beside Chu Shao Yang and she kept looking over at Chen Ning.  She wanted to stand up several times, but she was stopped by Ye Ting Xuan who slightly shook his head at her.

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