Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: What do you think about me

“Who are you?  Why are you helping me?  What goals do you have?”

The tone of Chen Ning’s voice did not become softer because this beautiful young man had a country destroying beautiful face, rather it became even rougher.  These few words were almost enough to make this beautiful young man suffocate.

He could not help narrowing those beautiful eyes that could turn the world upside down.  The smile hanging on his lips disappeared as he looked at Chen Ning in indignance.

“Tell me what purpose do I have for helping you?”  He asked back.

“Humph, how should I know!  You are the same as that snake Chu Shao Yang, working hand in hand with him.  There probably is no goodwill behind you helping me!”  Chen Ning coldly smiled as she spoke with a voice full of satire.

All the people that went to the wedding today, they were all her enemies.

This young man thought she was blind.  He thought she wouldn’t be able to recognize him!

“You…..”  The beautiful young man was so depressed he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had helped her take care of those servants and in the end was scolded until he wanted to spit out blood.

He had never been scolded like this by anyone.

“No good will for a good deed!  You have such a sharp mouth for a little girl, no wonder my third brother doesn’t like you!”  The beautiful young man was filled with anger.  He gave an angry snort and threw out his sleeves.

A force shot out and Chen Ning involuntarily went back several steps, almost falling over.

She stood her ground and her eyes shined.

“Your third brother?  Chu Shao Yang?  That means you’re Chu Shao Yang’s little brother?”

She looked carefully at him and found that his face was similar to Chu Shao Yang’s.  Only it seemed to be a little more elegant compared to Chu Shao Yang.

“Humph, what I said wasn’t wrong.  You both came from the same nest, neither of you are anything good!”  She gave a cold laugh.

“Why am I not something good?”  The beautiful young man gritted his teeth in anger.

“In the middle of the night, you appear in a young girl’s room.  Moreover with my current status, I am your third brother’s princess, I am your sister in law.  With your sneaky behaviour, how could you be a good person!”  Chen Ning didn’t even spare him a glance.

“I……”  The beautiful young man had no words to say.

He knew that he was a normally eloquent person, but without knowing why, whenever he was in front of Chen Ning, he would always feel some kind of pressure.

“What sister in law!  My third brother hasn’t even touched you yet!  The person in his heart isn’t even you, rather it’s that second miss Chen that he married yesterday, who is your sister!  Chen, Bi, Yun!”  The beautiful young man was thoroughly enraged by Chen Ning, as he spoke through his lips.

He had thought that Chen Ning would be very hurt by this one statement.  This was because the entire capital knew that young miss Chen was madly in love with King Ding Yuan.  It had long became a joke that everyone laughed about.

“He, he, that dirty man and cheap woman are a match for each other, I really want to congratulate them.  A man like Chu Shao Yang, I wouldn’t want him even if he was given to me!” Once Chen Ning heard Chu Shao Yang’s name, her heart filled with disgust.  The previous owner of this body must have been blind, how could she like this kind of cheap man!

“Yi, you really don’t want my third brother?”  The beautiful young man was amazed.  His figure suddenly flashed and he came in close.  His nose was almost touching Chen Ning’s face as he said with a face beaming with joy, “You don’t like my third brother, then how about me?  With my appearance, am I worthy of you?”

His voice was filled with narcissism and his smile was full of confidence.

Chen Ning walked back a step and kept a safe distance from him.  She was speechless as she stared at his smiling face.

Even adding in her previous life, she had never seen such a narcissistic man.

No, saying he was a man was already being nice to him.  He was a little brat that still hadn’t grown any hairs yet!

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