Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: So it was him

“Aiyo, so fierce!”  The ghostly figure gave a light laugh.  It raised out a hand and caught the candle without making any sound.

Chen Ning quickly turned and stood up.  She had slept in her clothes as if she had already expected that someone would appear.

She jumped out of the bed and her right hand shot out to grab the ghostly figure’s wrist.

The movement was very smooth.

This was a self defense move for girls from the modern era that she was proficient in.  As long as she caught a person’s wrist, she would immediately flip them over her shoulder.  Even her teacher had occasionally been caught off guard by her before.

That ghostly figure flashed a little and dodged out of the way.

Chen Ning followed up with a sweep with her right foot.  These two moves were beautifully executed.  In her dojo, no one had been able to escape her three move chain.

But that ghostly figure calmly moved to the side and had done it quite easily.  He reached out with his left hand and taking advantage of the fact that Chen Ning hadn’t stood up yet, he suddenly touched her cheek.  He chuckled and said ,”How smooth!”

This was the first time she had been taken advantage of after passing over.  Chen Ning was surprised, but she did not panic.  She grabbed backwards, but all she felt was thin air.

She knew that she had met an expert this time.  So, she focused her mind and calmly continued to fight.

Each move, each exchange, she was always on the retreat to a certain extent.

But the ghostly figured seemed like he was just playing around with her.  If Chen Ning attacked fast, he would quickly dodge.  If Chen Ning attacked slow, he would also move slowly.

Chen Ning’s fists and feet shot out again, but they once again hit thin air.

She suddenly stopped and no longer attacked.  She coldly stared at the ghostly figure in front of her.

She could clearly see that her own martial arts was far from comparing with the opponent’s.  Since she couldn’t beat him, she wouldn’t keep wasting her energy.

The clothes of the ghostly figure slightly shook and he stood a foot in front of her.  It seemed like if Chen Ning just threw a single fist out, she would be able to make his nose bleed.

But Chen Ning knew in her mind, even if she was ten time faster, she still wouldn’t be able to touch the hem of the other person’s clothes.

“Who are you?” She gritted her teeth and coldly asked.

The ghostly figured tilted his head and repeated the sentence she had just asked, “Who are you?”  His voice sounded just like fragile ice jade.

It was a man!  Moreover it was a very young man.

Chen Ning immediately concluded, but that voice sounded very familiar, as if she had heard it before.  It definitely wasn’t that horrible Chu Shao Yang.

“The person hiding behind the stack of firewood and helping me teach the servants, it was you, right?”

A light lit up in Chen Ning’s mind, she had already guessed who this ghostly figure was.

The ghostly figure was a little stunned.  It seemed like he hadn’t expected it, but he didn’t deny it.  He chuckled and said, “That’s right, it was me.  I helped you with such a large favour and you still threw that candlestick at my head.  It really is returning kindness with ingratitude.”

He laughed as he placed the candlestick on the bedside table.

By leaning sideways like this, the moon shined onto his face.

Under the light of the moon, a pure, otherworldly face appeared in front of Chen Ning.  With delicate facial features, it seemed just like wonderful painting.

“So it was you!”  Chen Ning knit her brows.  She immediately recognized him.

This ghostly figure was actually that evil charming youth sitting on the side at Chu Shao Yang’s wedding!

Seeing Chen Ning’s expression, the beautiful youth could not help rubbing his nose.  A trace of melancholy filled his heart.  

What kind of cold shouldered expression was this!

His face was unparalleled in this world.  Which young girl in the capital wouldn’t be captivated just by looking at him!

But only her, again and again, she continued to turn a blind eye to this face that could turn the world upside down.  Was she just a blind person?

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