Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: Don’t go

The shore was a mess at this moment.

The guards were attracted over by the sound.  Hearing that his highness had fallen in the water, their souls almost flew out of their bodies.  They all jumped down like dumplings as they threw themselves into the water.

Everyone suddenly noticed Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning floating on the water and they were overjoyed.  Whether they could swim or not, they forcefully swam towards the two of them.

Chen Ning knew that once the guards came, Chu Shao Yang would be saved.

Her body was completely soaked and she did not want to see anyone.  She forcefully broke Chu Shao Yang’s grip and pushed his unconscious form towards a guard swimming towards them.  Then she dived into the water, turning into bloom of water as she dived into the depths.

The guard saw a spirit like girl’s face flashed in front of his face as well as a wave of black hair blooming in the water.  Her skirt was like a blooming like a lotus as she swam into the depths of the water, quickly disappearing from sight.

They couldn’t help rubbing their eyes as if they had seen an illusion, like they had seen the fairy of the lake!

They worked together to bring Chu Shao Yang to shore.

Chen Bi Yun fell crying down on Chu Shao Yang’s body.  No matter who pulled them, she wouldn’t let go.

Miss Chen said, “Second miss, don’t be anxious, let’s first save his highness.”

The experienced guards pressed down on Chu Shao Yang’s chest, pushing out all the water in his stomach.

After giving a treatment for a while, finally Chu Shao Yang’s chest finally moved up and down, and his long lashes made a small movement.

His brows knit and his right hand gripped, realizing that there was nothing there.  He suddenly opened his eyes and sat straight up.

“Don’t go!”  He loudly shouted.

“His highness is awake!  His highness is awake!”

Everyone cheered at once.

Chu Shao Yang tightly knit his brows.  He still was not fully awaken before a wet and tender form jumped into his embrace.

It was Chen Bi Yun!

She tightly hugged him as she cried, “Your highness, you’re fine, you’re fine!  Thank God you’re fine!  If something happened to your highness, Yun’er would not want to live anymore!”

Chu Shao Yang did not immediately hug her.  After a while, he slowly raised his right hand and placed it on Chen Bi Yun’s shoulder, asking her in a hoarse voice, “Yun’er, did you save me?”

Chen Bi Yun trembled.  She did not dare to raised her stung face and could only cry.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her as she lowered her head and asked, “Yun’er, was it you?”

Chen Bi Yun felt her muscles turn stiff and her tongue turn to wood.  She opened her mouth but could not say a single word.

Miss Chen quickly kneeled down and replied, “Reporting to your highness.  It was because the Concubine Consort is pregnant.  She went crazy when she saw you fall into the water and wanted to go in to save you, but this old servant was worried about the child in her stomach, so I stopped her.  We called for help and the guards came in time to save your highness.  It is this old servant’s wrong, please punish me, your highness.”

Her words had no flaws at all.

When Chu Shao Yang heard this, his tense facely slowly softened.  Without looking at Miss Chen, he continued to stare at Chen Bi Yun.

“Yun’er, is this true?”

Chen Bi Yun’s voice came from his chest, “Nanny is right.  Yun’er really want to jump in, but it was Nanny that stopped Yun’er.  Your highness, do you blame Yun’er for not saving you?  It wasn’t that Yun’er was not willing, only Yun’er’s stomach has your highness’ child.  Nanny, you…..why did you block me then!”

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  1. joellyanne says:

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