Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Not letting go even if I die

“She……She…..is still on the boat on the lake.”

Miss Chen pointed at the center of the lake and then looked down, covering up the look of pride in her eyes.

Chu Shao Yang did not even have time to look over before he heard a sound coming from the lake.


The three of them trembled at the same time.

Chu Shao Yang quickly turned over and saw only a few pieces of wood on the lake’s water.  Not a trace of the boat could be seen.

“This is bad!  The ship sunk, the ship sunk!”  Miss Chen cried out in a panicked voice.

“Elder sister…..Elder sister is still on the ship.  Your highness, let go, I have to save elder sister!”  Chen Bi Yun shouted.  She struggled in Chu Shao Yang’s embrace, trying to reach the shore.

Chu Shao Yang blankly stood there, looking at the ripples on the water.  His face was even paler than a piece of paper.

“Chen Ning!”

He let out a roar like a wounded beast as he suddenly flew in the air.  His body was like a goose as it flew over the rippling lake, before diving head first into the depths without any hesitation

The cold and dark lake water quickly surrounded his head.

He suddenly though, “Damn, I can’t swim!”

The pressure of the lake forced the water into his nose and mouth as the fear of death once again enveloped him.

Surrounded by darkness, he slowly sank to the death of the water, just like that day eight years ago.

However this time, there would not be another Chen Bi Yun to save him.

Was he about to die?  Was he really going to die?

He once again felt the feeling of choking.

At this moment, a light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

He saw a white lotus blooming in the water in front of him before quickly swimming over to him.

His heart trembled.  His eyes opened wide in disbelief and his heart stopped beating.

It’s her!

After eight years, she had finally appeared in front of him again!

She had grown up!

That seven-eight year old little girl had grown up into a lotus like young girl, but that beautiful and elegant face allowed him to recognize her immediately.

It’s her!  It’s her!

Chu Shao Yang’s heart almost exploded with happiness.  He completely forgot his fear, forgot the threat of dying, forgetting everything!

He only had her in his eyes!

At this moment, he was grateful to god for letting him see the girl that he had been dreaming about for eight years one last time before he died!

He reached out to her.

Even if it was an illusion, he hoped to hold her hand before he died.

As long as he could hold her hand and die, he would be filled with happiness.

He finally reached her hand and tightly held on, not willing to let go.

Chen Ning did not break free of his hand holding her hand.  She quickly swam to his side, grabbed his arm and began to pull him to the surface of the water.

Chu Shao Yang had closed his eyes and his face was white, he wasn’t moving at all.  He had already fainted.

But the hand grabbing her hand tightly held on.

With a “bo” sound, their heads finally popped out of the water.

Chen Ning took deep breathes.  Because Chu Shao Yang was grabbing a hand, she could only swim across the lake with her other hand.  She was so tired that she almost became a ghost beneath the lake.

“Bastard Chu Shao Yang!  You really are a silly idiot.  You clearly can’t swim, but you still jump into the water to save someone.  Am I saving you, or are you saving me!”

She angrily spat out a mouthful of water and glared at Chu Shao Yang’s face that seemed to not have a trace of blood.  She wanted to vent the anger in her stomach, but seeing his pale face that was whiter than a dead person, she swallowed it back down.  

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