Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: Bad to the core, no good intentions

When Chen Bi Yun returned to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, she used the excuse of being sick to send someone to fetch her mother Madame Lin from the Hu Gong Palace.

Madame Lin quickly came to her Intoxicated Flower Pavilion and the two women secretly discussed something for the entire afternoon.

When Madame Shi left, Chen Bi Yun had a smug smile on her face.  She turned around with a smile on as she looked at the person who was around forty years old beside her.

“Nanny, do you remember what my mother said?”

This person was surnamed Chen and was Chen Bi Yun’s nanny.  She was loyal to both mother and daughter, and had been brought to the palace by Lin Shi to serve Chen Bi Yun.

She respectfully replied, “Second miss, this old servant remembers everything.  Please be assured second miss, this old servant will do her best to satisfy the second miss and give her everything she wishes for!”

“Very good.  Now go to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and tell them that I am inviting my elder sister to come on a boat ride with me.  Make sure that my elder sister comes.”

“Yes, second miss.”  Miss Chen replied with a bow.  Being led by a maidservant, she made her way to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

These few days have been very pleasant for Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang had not made an appearance and no one had come to cause trouble for her.  Chu Shao Bai and Mo Chuan no longer appeared and she enjoyed a rare quiet period.

She was just now calmly waiting for the april spring banquet, when she could enter the palace and ask for a separation.

Today she was resting on the newly set up swing in the yard when she saw Xiao Ru come in while grumbling, revealing an unhappy look on her face.

“You could hang bottles off your lips.  What happened that made you this unhappy?”  She teased with a smile.

“No, nothing.”  Xiao Ru shook her head.

“Say it.  Something must have happened!”

Xiao Ru finally unwillingly said, “Young miss, the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion sent someone to see you, but this servant made them wait outside.  Young miss, the second miss is an evil hearted person, she has bad intentions.”

Chen Bi Yun?

There had been no news on her for several days, but now she sent someone looking for her.  She must have thought of a new trick.

Chen Ning smiled and then pinched Xiao Ru’s cheeks.  With a smile, she said, “These words aren’t wrong, but I’ve been idling around for several days now, so I can play with her now.  Send them in.”

As soon as Xiao Ru was about to leave.

“Wait a minute, who did Chen Bi Yun send?”

“Young miss, it is Miss Chen from our palace who is the second miss’ nanny.”  Xiao Ru pouted and angrily added, “This Miss Chen is full of bad intentions.  The second miss grew up on her milk, so she’s also bad to the core, filled with bad intentions!”

“So it’s her!”  Chen Ning’s eyes lit up.  Searching through the original owner’s memories, she had a good idea of this Miss Chen.

The phrase helping the devil hold his candle was referring to a person like this Miss Chen.

But on the surface, she always smiled to the original owner.  Hiding a knife behind a smile perfectly fit a person like her.

“This is not walking the road to heaven, but choosing to enter hell.”  Chen Ning said to herself before revealing a wide smile.

“Very good, Xiao Ru, have Mother Chen come in.  You have to be respectful and you can’t make any faces at Mother Chen, do you understand?”

“Young miss, you have to be careful of Miss Chen.  In the past, she….”  Xiao Ru wanted to keep speaking.

Chen Ning raised her hand and said with a smile, “The past is the past.  Mother Chen is a guest and as the master, I have to properly take care of her and entertain her.”

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