Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Aren’t you thinking too much

“Yi?  You recognize her?”  Chu Shao Yang’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at her.

Of course Chen Bi Yun recognized her.

She would recognize her even if she turned to ashes!

If this smiling girl was not Chen Ning, who could it be!

Countless questions quickly filled her heart.

How did his highness know how to draw Chen Ning?  From the tone of his voice, did he not know that this person was Chen Ning?

“This girl is so beautiful!”  Chen Bi Yun revealed a shocked expression.  She stroked the hair of the girl in the painting and praised before suddenly saying, “No wonder your highness has not been to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion in so long to see Yun’er.  It’s because you’ve found another beauty.  Yun’er knows that I am ugly, so I will not hurt your highness’ eyes anymore.”

She angrily turned to leave, but was pulled back by Chu Shao Yang.

“Silly girl, the beauty in this king’s heart and the person this king loves is only you.”  Chu Shao Yang smiled as he tapped her nose, speaking in a pampering voice.

“Then who is this girl in the picture?  She’s so beautiful that your highness has personally drawn her picture.  Could she not be someone in your heart?”  Chen Bi Yun unhappily pursed her lips together.

“Of course not, this king doesn’t know who she is.  I’ve only seen her by chance and that’s why I drew this.  Since this has caused you to misunderstand this king, then this king will burn it.”

Chu Shao Yang casually picked up the painting and placed it in the fire, letting it burn.

Compared to the living beings in front of our eyes, what did a picture count for?

Chen Bi Yun finally revealed a bit of happiness as she fell into Chu Shao Yang’s embrace.  With a gentle voice, she said, “Your highness, Yun’er was really afraid that your heart was taken by another girl and you wouldn’t like Yun’er anymore.  Yun’er does not want to be jealous, but Yun’er is…..is…..”  She was too shy to keep going.

Chu Shao Yang smiled as he helped her finish, “Because you really like this king, right?”

He had a big smile as he lifted Chen Bi Yun up and moved to the sofa on the side.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart fell into chaos as she tenderly said, “Your highness, you…..don’t…..It’s still daytime…..”  Her face turned as red as a rose.

Chu Shao Yang placed her on the sofa and said with a smile, “Of course this king knows that it’s still daytime, isn’t Yun’er thinking too much about it?  This king only wanted to place you here and do a proper job painting you.  Wu, I’ll call the painting ‘the spring peach blossom’s slumber’, what do you think?”  He said in a teasing tone.

Chen Bi Yun drew the cover over her head in shame as she complained, “Your highness is teasing me, Yun’er will ignore you now.”  She couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

With a hand on her cheek and a hand on her lap, it looked very charming.  Looking at Chu Shao Yang focused on his painting, her eyes filled with thought.

She was thinking in her heart, “Why did his highness paint that girl Chen Ning?”

When did he see that cheap woman’s face?

It must be that cheap woman deliberately showing off her true face.  She must be trying to seduce his highness, taking her beloved man from her side!

No, before his highness could find her, she would think of a way to destroy this face!

Or she would ruin her!

She suddenly felt very helpless.

After Lan Xiang died, she did not have anyone by her side.  In this palace, other than herself, she had no one to trust in!

That’s right!

She could not trust the people in the palace, but she still had her mother.  She believed that her mother would be able to think of a way to deal with that girl Chen Ning.

It was her mother that had prepared a good thing for her last time.  She had also prepared something on the night of the cheap woman’s wedding that almost sent her to the king of hell.

Once her mother personally made a move, that cheap woman would not be able to escape death!

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help curling her lips and revealing a faint smile.

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